Jan 31, 2010

Parties and Things: Golden Globes After Parties

In anticipation for the Grammy's to begin (Woo Hoo!) I thought I'd throw a spot light on some of this awards season's after-party fashion. The major focus being the Golden Globes; Yes, I surprisingly still have more to say about the Golden Globes!

The most shocking of the evening's festivities was Lindsay Lohan, and not due to her usual antics. LiLo appeared at the Warner Bros Golden Globes after-party at the Beverly Hilton in a sparkly silver, hooded Brian Lichtenberg mini, paired with Fendi mary-janes. She looked shockingly good! Reminded me of Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Outta My Head" video, purely due to the hood of course. Take it in people, she looks good, healthy, covered, not orange, it is impressive!

Michelle Rodriguez is another actress who surprised me with her ensemble. I normally expect something a little more rough-tough tomboy from her (typecasting perhaps?), but she looks so pretty in a one shoulder dress, the colour looks great on her, so great that I've overlooked the hair.

As pretty as Odette Yustman is (in Paule Ka), she looks as if she couldn't make a final decision on her party attire and wrapped her LBD with a white table cloth.

Vanessa Hudgens showed up at InStyle and Warner Bros after-party in her usual leg-baring uniform. Honestly, I'd love to mock her affinity for little girls dresses, but I can't help but like her grey, jeweled, tulle Alberta Ferretti dress, I suppose she's still youthful enough to pull this off.

According to Google, Victoria Justice here is a Disney actress, but I won't hold that against her, since I highly approve of her BCBG dress, très cute.

I may not understand why Kayla Ewell keeps getting invited to events, considering I know of nothing she is part of, now that Vampire Diaries killed her, but so far I'm happy she keeps showing up. Her party dress was lovely, her hair...was not.

I am so close to being a fan of Katherine McPhee's garbage bag dress, if only she didn't have anchor woman hair. Blonde is not a good look for you, my dear. I'm just saying.

90210's Jessica Lowndes is clearly trying to bring the drama to her weekly, Dynasty style.

Jessica's co-star, AnnaLynne McCord also brings the drama by getting groped by her dress. Regardless of the Grecian Lloyd Klein gown's aggressiveness, I still love it and would have enjoyed seeing someone wear it on the red carpet.

Dexter's sister, and Micheal C. Hall's wife, may have avoided the red carpet, but she still managed to show off her the pleated satin bodice and chiffon train of her strapless burgundy Basil Soda Fall 2009 Couture gown at the Warner Bros. and InStyle Golden Globe After Party.

Canadian Emmanuelle Chriqui looked like a bronzed goddess in a belted tangerine maxi dress. It's simple, lovely, and I want it.

Camilla Bell(e)a looked just that in an origami pleated, floral print Armani Privé teal beaded cocktail dress.

Ashley Olsen reminded me of an haute couture Minnie Mouse in a blue satin Erdem Fall 2009 mini. I'm not fond of the dress, but could imagine those Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps on my feet.

I always comment on Alexis' age, the fact that she looks like a 16 year old girl, but is in reality 20-something; and the pros of looking so young, but the cons of having a little girls body-- Guess she's trying to show me, by dressing like a 50 year old.

Amanda Righetti showed off her swanky event party style, in one of my favourite 2 piece ensembles. I want that jeweled encrusted tube top!

My favourite party look of the evening goes to Amanda Seyfried, at the HBO’s Post Golden Globe Awards Party. This black and beige printed Valentino is feminine with a large chunk of daring Rock n Roll. Throw in her peep-toe Valentino booties, and I'm in love!

Jan 30, 2010

Getting Fit 2010!

It's a new year and my fitness goals are still the same. Getting Fit is not a New Year's Resolution, however, it's a life goal that I aim for daily, weekly, monthly etc. I came really damn close to my ultimate final goal this past December after re-following Jillian Michaels "Making the Cut" diet and fitness plan, followed by two weeks of David Kirsch's The Ultimate New York Diet (I highly prefer his Ultimate New York Body Plan, I found the former both boring and too easy, The Body Plan was far more challenging, thus effective) prior to a cruise ship/destination wedding vacation. Naturally I ate cruise food- which is nothing short of a feast every hour of the day but I maintained a workout routine to at least prevent any excessive poundage. Then I returned home...

In August a friend and I were hit by a car, twice! She was 8 1/2 months pregnant, but after a night of observation at the hospital was deemed unscathed and healthy. I on the other hand suffered from 2nd degree whip lash, which for the record I always sort of thought it was a bullshit, I was wrong. After my cruise I was struck with the same pain and immobility that I felt shortly after the accident; I could not walk without assistance, I was crooked and barely got out of bed. Due to all this my progress has fallen back quite a bit, I tried doing Self.com's Jillian Michaels workout, but the moves were far too complex (I'm not entirely sure I could do them before my injury), so I am now following a program designed by Workout's star Jackie Warner, found in FitnessRx Magazine. Hopefully I can build my strength back up and shrink that waistline in no time, they say muscles have memory, let's hope mine get theirs back fast!

Jan 26, 2010

Screen Actors Guild Awards: Top Five Favourites

I don't normally believe in a "Top Five" list, since I usually have a Top Seven, or just a echelon of Tops to WTF. There are far too many beautiful, intriguing, beautifully intriguing dresses within the world of fashion to limit myself to a list of "Top Five," but in an attempt to clean things up, or narrow my choices down, I'm giving this Top Five thing a shot. With honourable mentions, of course! (Clearly this is not going to last! I love my fashion Too Much to squish anything into a box of five). Also, this does not include any of the White Trend dresses, but some of those could have made it.

I'd like to start things out on a high note, so number one goes Toni Collette. She looks like a goddess in this strapless gold and blush Rafael Cennamo gown. I'm in love with tiered skirt, and the turquoise beading under the bust. She's done bohemian-chic rather glamorously; reminds me of the pre-bridal Kate Hudson, only better. I wonder what personality this is...?

Glee actress Lea Michelle swoops in a t number two in an emerald chiffon ruffled Catherine Malandrino gown. WOW! Just wow! This girl is on a role! I love the colour, it contrasts beautifully with her hair, and the cut is youthful without being juvenile. I'm still not her biggest fan, but I'm loving her (or her stylists) fashion choices!

Stana Katic from Castle, graced the red carpet in a slinky black and silver backless dream by Oday Shakar. She looks amazing, and should take being mistaken by most blogs and news sites for Mischa Barton as a compliment. Not bad for a 31 year old to be thought of as 23, and there was a time when Mischa was a red carpet staple; although during her brief TBL: The Beautiful Life promos she had stepped out looking great, lately however she apparently looks over 30.

Drew Barrymore came in at Number Four in a custom made blue silk chiffon and tulle strapless Monique Lhuillier gown. Although it's unnecessary, I like the extra skirt, it adds intrigue, and the fitted bodice reminds me of a denim Guess bustier from 96 (fitting, considering Drew herself was a Guess spokesmodel), and yet I still very much like this-- even her messy updo.

Number Five goes to Diane Kruger in a draped, one-shoulder marigold dress by Jason Wu. It's
incredible! I absolutely love it! Truthfully, this should be above Drew, but every now and then I decide that I don't actually like the colour, although it's the colour that makes it stand out- I'm complicated that way. Also, it reminds me too much of Michelle Williams Oscar dress from 2006, even though the only thing they have in common is the shade of yellow. Like I said, I'm complicated.

Now on to the honourable mentions, which truthfully most except for the last two could compete for position Number Five.

I was surprised to see Alexander McQueen's snake print dress on the red carpet, but I love that Anna Paquin took a risk and wore it. She also gets high shoe marks from me, yet again. I appreciate that she wore a typical "party dress" to a red-carpet event, yet still managed to look appropriate. I'd like to make it clear, that although I really like this dress, that does not mean I like anything Ed Hardy, we now see where Christian Audigier gets his inspiration but I despise that look, and can not stand people who wear those damn ugly shirts and caps, etc. They are tacky, whereas this is fashionably tacky.

Michelle Monaghan also chose an unexpected red-carpet dress. I believe her one-shoulder, two toned gunmetal Calvin Klein dress falls under the same category as A.Paq's, you either love it or you hate it. I appreciate it for being original, and for standing out, which is really the goal of these events; nobody walks a red carpet hoping to be a wallflower.

I'm not entirely sure that I would love Carrie Mulligan's red strapless Lanvin gown if it were on anyone else but her. For the most part, I'm over mermaid hems (thanks in large part to Kate Beckinsale), plus it's usually not a flattering look to choose a gown that exaggerates your hips, and yet there's something about this look that I find appealing. Perhaps it's due to Carrie's pixie cut, mixed with the vintage feel of this pleated\wrinkled dress, that make it seem so effortless.

I have a thing for gingers, and I find Deborah Ann Woll on True Blood absolutely stunning, so I was excited to see her first major red-carpet appearance. She looked really pretty and romantic wearing a pale blue, lace and chiffon tiered Gustavo Cadile Resort 2010. The colour of her dress complimented her hair and skin beautifully without washing her out.

Starting off the Honourable Mentions is another True Blood actress, Mariana Klaveno who wore a beautiful flowy crimson Ina Soltani gown. The reason she falls somewhat short in my eyes compared to the rest, is merely because I feel as if I've seen this dress in some form or variation before.

Which is also how I feel about Anna Kendrick's purple silk chiffon Alberta Ferretti gown. It's a beautiful dress, definitely something I would love to own myself, and the colour is superb on her (as was Mariana Klaveno's red dress), but it reminds me of something I'd see on Natalie Portman.

Jan 25, 2010

2010 SAG Award's Trends

Just as last year's SAG Awards, the noticeable trend on the red carpet, was white. Clearly all the stars in Hollywood are longing for encounters with the snow, or perhaps white is the perfect transition shade from winter to spring. The gowns range from short to long, feathers to jersey and for the most part, they were superb, like a white beacon guiding the fashion ship wrecked.

Jennifer Carpenter wore a Paule Ka Fall 2009 long sleeve mini dress, that you wouldn't normally expect to see at such a red-carpet event. Paired with those heavy black platform pumps and Micheal C. Hall (even though he actually looks as if he's battling cancer), I can't help but approve!

I love this one-shoulder Elie Saab cocktail dress worn by Marion Cottilard. The embellished floral applique detail at the hem, reminds me of a lilac mini Diane Kruger wore that I was going to include in my faves of 09. Now I wish I had.

Another one of my favourite dresses of the evening, is this white strapless Vera Wang, worn by Kyra Sedgwick. This is similar to the Vera Wang gown America Ferrera wore to the 2009 SAG Awards, and yet I really didn't fancy hers, due largely to the colour. Although the grey sash helps it not look too bridal, it could very easily fall under my "dream wedding gown" list.

30 Rock actress, Katrina Bowden took a turn down Unpredictable Lane, and wore a feathered Tadashi Shoji mini, and I applaud her! She's young and this is both fun and fashion forward (looks like I'm trading in my silver sparkle for feathers this year!)

Kate Hudson wore a long sleeve white jersey Emilio Pucci dress, with crystal embellishments that directed you to an open back. Although I'd like to complain and ask Ms. Hudson to step away from the white dresses (do you think she's sending a hint to someone?), there's no denying this is amazing!

And Dianna Agron steps up her fashion game yet again, and throws a little old Hollywood glamour in our face with a white Edition by Georges Chakra Spring 2010 gown. I would never expect to see this on her, and needless to say, I'm pleasantly surprised. The towel dispenser could have stayed in the ladies room, but she still manages to make it work.

Paula Patton is so lovely, but perhaps she should have opted for her strapless layered organza and tulle J.Mendel Resort 2010 gown, in another colour other than ivory. Or even avoided organza and tulle all together, and instead went with a gown that hugged her pregnant belly in lieu of volumizing it, yet seeming as if she was trying to hide it. Plus I find the bow-like pleats at the bust juvenile- and not in a way I would usually embrace. Oh let's face it, I think it looks horrible on her, but I'm just trying to be nice because she's pregnant. There, I said it!

My least favourite gown within this colour scheme trend was a platinum silk & satin one-shoulder Alberta Ferretti gown worn by Jane Krakowski. Besides it being unflattering and giving her the shoulders of a defensive lineman, it's failed attempt at recreating a Marilyn Monroe moment.

Jan 20, 2010

Golden Globe Bridal Parties

Beyond all the previously mentioned trends and standouts, I also noticed a lot of bridal wear that turned up at the Golden Globes. Some of it was good, but like most bridal parties, aesthetic appeal is rarely the final achievement. Since I'm already getting tired of of this 4 day old topic, the following fall under the heading of "Bridal Parties...and other ugly (or not so ugly) things." This is my attempt to squish everything together, and move on to the SAG Awards! The brides of the evening consist of the following;

Jaime Pressly shimmered as a 55 year old bride in a Kevan Hall Spring 2010, third times a charm. It should be noted that in the 90s Jaime here was one of my body envy's, she worked hard and you could tell, she's a great voice too- I hold her to a certain level of "hotness" and while if she were actually a 55 year old bride, she would have far surpassed my expectations, but alas she is not, and this just does not suffice.

Another woman who could have done so much better! Kristen Bell's Jasmine di Milo dress is not flattering on her. It either needs to be shorter or longer, it simply doesn't look right on her petite frame.

Kate Hudson actually wore a wedding dress! I wish the ground wasn't wet so she could let it go and I could see what her white feathered Marchesa dress really looked like, and I may have given it a nod as a bridal gown, since the bustier is intriguing.

Eva La Rue wore the wedding dress that has been seen on most Pageant Queen brides; tacky with a bit of southern flare.

Anna Kendrick's sculptural Marchesa gown could pass as a bridal gown. It's an interesting choice, one which my mother loved the moment she saw the neckline (only), but I'm only starting to warm up to. I do appreciate that a budding starlet deviates from the usual fashion safety nets.

I originally saw Jennifer Meyers dress during an interview with her husband Toby Maguire, and the small chunk I saw looked cute. Then I got the full view here; shotgun wedding perhaps?

Lisa Edelstein looks much better than I've seen her lately, which is the reason she's seen here- to prove she can look good, it is possible. Also, she could pass as a bride, the kind of bride I may be; Someone who instead of spending a fortune on a wedding dress they'll wear once, they purchase a white designer dress that could pass as a wedding gown.

Julie Benz could pass as either an unfortunate bridesmaid, or a middle aged bride, giving love a third or fourth chance. This is what happens when you kill someone off, they lose all sense of what's right in the world!

I really don't mind Tina Fey's reptile print Zac Posen American couture jacquard gown. Yes the length is awkward, as I feel about all tea-length dresses, but I think it's pretty cute and unexpected. The shoes, do lend a slight Little Bo Peep feel, however, the umbrella is unfortunate too.

Lauren Graham wore an ill-fitting hot pink dress. This is just one of those colours that will forever remind you of prom and semi-formals. My sis believes its a colour only suited for youth, I think she is probably right.

From the rear, I almost liked Jennifer Morrison's pale gold Luis Antonio then I saw the front. She reminds me of a trendy Christmas tree or Christmas ornament. I believe this is the cruelty I will inflict on my bridesmaids (one day, if I have a wedding).

Ginnifer Goodwin looks neither ugly nor as a bridesmaid in a bright cobalt blue Vionnet cocktail dress. The dress is simple, the colour is vibrant and it looks stunning on her, I like the dress- but it's nothing extraordinary and I was really hoping to be wowed.

Another woman who I expected to wow me, Sofia Vergara. In fact I'm also disappointed by Carolina Herrera, the designer of this grey mess dress. What is going on with that excess fabric hanging at the rear? Is it a bustle? A Cape? I'm unsure.

Cameron Diaz looks neither like a bridesmaid, nor ugly- she in fact looks great. But her slinky red Alexander McQueen silk gown was not one of my favourites, so I threw her in here. With that said, however, I'm liking it more and more as time passes.

Amy Adams showed up as the pregnant bridesmaid, in a forest green one-shouldered Carolina Herrera frock. I love the contrasting tangerine shoes and clutch.

Penélope Cruz in a black lace Giorgio Armani Privé gown has a bit of flamenco flare mixed with Hervé Léger's signature bandage dress. With a description like that, you would think I'd like it, I do not. It reminds me too much of the corpse bride or something of that nature.

Finishing up our ladies in black is Jennifer Aniston in Valentino. I guess Jennifer couldn't let go of her usual uniform of a black gown, but did it Angelina-style with a very daringly high slit. This view probably explains John Meyers recent public regrets over their breakup.
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