Nov 21, 2009

Country Music Association Award Stragglers

I wasn't sure I wanted to continue on the topic of the CMA's, considering the event has now happened over a week ago, and I think my last post on it was sufficient enough; that was until I saw the new Michelle Branch video on CMT and my question as to why she was even at the CMA's, considering we haven't seen her face or heard her name in such a long while, was finally answered! She's now a country singer?

I guess she's done with the emo-pop, what a shame. I suppose that's why she's dressing much brighter and over-accessorizing. In theory, I like a lot of what she's got going on here... just not all at the same time! The bib necklace, with the studded clutch, the purple shoes against the bright teal satin dress (thank you for that combo, however), the shoulder decal, the bangles... AHHHHH, accessory overload!!!!

Speaking of overload... Leann Rimes dons a beautiful white dress, and pairs it with a heavy pair of black shoes and two black eyes.

Like we really needed the close up, you can see her makeup artist getting fired a mile away. I will state that the Canadian in me, appreciates the Raccoons tribute, Ralph and Melissa would be so proud.

Speaking of pride... Drag-Queen Mermaid. All I'm saying.

How fitting that Kenny Alphin goes by the name "Big" (from Big and Rich), since he really knows how to do it Loud (yup, song title pun). Let's thank him for his Mad Hatter message to Love Everybody. I will Kenny. I will. Christiev Corothers looks good considering all the stage props she's wearing, just change that dress colour and ditch the necklace, oh and take off the sheer 1970s curtain.

Randy Travis' wife, Lib Hatcher followed Kenny's costume theme, and showed up to the CMA's as a witch, moonlighting as a "present day" Betty Page impersonator, moonlighting as WWE wrestler. At least she doesn't rely on her husband to pay the bills, good for her.

Let's move onto more pleasant images. There are only two.

Nancy O'Dell has never in her entire career been able to win me over with her fashion choice as much as she has with this dress, although she's come close on a couple of occasions. Normally over she overdoes it, or blows it in the accessory department or is over-tanned. But not today (or last week I should say), the cut is flattering and sexy without being overt, the necklace is simple yet edgy, and her skin is not orange. Hoo-rah!

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  1. "Like we really needed the close up, you can see her makeup artist getting fired a mile away."

    ^^haha.. you're quite funny. maybe we should go out on a date or something. you down?


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