Nov 24, 2009

The American Music Awards

I have always found the AMAs rather boring, so I'm not even sure why I was interested in tuning in this year but apparently I was not alone, this has been the most viewed AMAs since 2002. According to Nielsen estimates Sunday night's show drew in 14.2 million viewers, 2 million more than last year, so I suppose I should be happy my instincts told me to tune in. What pleases me most about the AMAs this year were the much needed dose of fashion! Truthfully a lot of the events that have briefly caught my attention were relatively boring, but thanks to all the metallics and shine, the AMAs were not one of them.

Two of my top faves of the evening were worn by our new crop of teen queens,

From the nude make-up, to the nude dress and the nude Guiseppe Zanotti heels, I am loving Demi Lovato in this pale pink tiered Jenny Packham dress. The jewel embellished neckline offers enough intrigue that any heavy makeup or accessories would be competing, and it prevents the the look from washing her out.

I always confuse Demi with,

Selena Gomez, but as my sis had pointed out, they really don't look that MUCH a like- but to me, they are twins, fraternal twins that is, a la Olsen's. But I digress, I absolutely adored Selena's silver sequined Talbot Runhof cocktail dress, I really am a sucker for disco balls, is that what being born in the 70s does to someone? With that said, is it sad that two of my favourite ensembles of the evening were worn by children born in the 90s??? Oh lord!

Well since she's up there, and someone within my age group, let's give Shakira some attention; I love the colour of her cut-out Versace 2010 ultra mini, but there's something not gelling with me. Perhaps its her lack of colour anywhere else in her styling, or the silver lines enveloping her from every direction, or maybe it's the shoes...

Oh the shoes! I want to love them, the details are great, they are close to perfection... But even this platform-loving girl thinks this is ridiculous. Fetish heels need to stay off the runway.

As do non-costume intended, Mermaid-wear. Kristen Bell's Christian Cota silver lurex bandeax with matching draped skirt is a confusing cross between Splash and I Dream of Jeanie (trying desperately to shake off all that previously adored youth by dropping retro-bombs), if only the two were sewn together, or one piece this probably would have been a winner, but then her unwashed hair wouldn't have matched her "dripping with salt water" coif.

One of these I love, the other I detest. Can you guess which is which? Let's look at the evidence: I appear to love distant cousins of retired disco balls, and Kate Hudson is wearing a daringly low-cut vintage Versace chainmail dress. It has also been noted that I am unable to appreciate sea water rejects (not to dismiss all use of paillettes, they can be stunning), and Nicole Kidman appears to have wrapped herself in strips of fish scales made of lace.....Hmmmm.......

I love So You Think You Can Dance, and although I was not a Chelsea Hightower fan on the show, I'm happy that a career has followed after her SYTCD experience (unlike the ladies of ANTM), I am also happy that she has made more than one successful red-carpet appearance. I also appreciate that her silver metallic mermaid (HUSH! I know, I'm fickle, a hypocrite.. sue me) gown has pockets, and a slit to encourage movement. Let those salsa legs syncopate in freedom!

Speaking of dancers with careers, Edyta Sliwinska looks stunning in her flesh-toned metallic cut-out gown with provocative leg slit. Truthfully, if she didn't have a dancers body, I may be dancing a different jig (see what I did there?), but she does. Confession time: I was originally planning on trashing this dress, every other photo I saw of it did not appeal to me, this one however, seems to have an inexplicable power over me. On a side-totally fish-related note: Does her foot not resemble a flipper or what? That fills me with internal chuckles.

And then there's silver bat wings here, that fills me with internal screams. If Menyone Devaux has taught us anything it's how not to wear the silver metallic trend.

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