Nov 27, 2009

The American Music Awards: Glitterati Pt. 2

Let us continue our look at all the glitter on the red carpet at The American Music Awards, starting with Carrie Underwood,

Carrie Underwood looked cute and shiny in a gold lamé Theia cocktail dress. I really love how the embellished waist line is mirrored on the shoulder; the shoes are unexpected and somewhat edgy without being out of place or over-the-top; and the hair is cute, probably what Jennifer Lopez should have worn for the 2003 Oscars.

Also in gold was Gretchen Rossi from The Real Housewives of Orange County. Gretchen. Wearing gold. There is an obvious dig here, but I respect my readers intelligence far too much to make it so obvious. With that said a specific Kanye West song is playing in mind... Speaking of songs, supposedly Gretchen has decided to take a stab at the music industry (which may explain why she was in attendance to this awards show?), hopefully her voice will sound better than that Atlanta housewife (who was also in attendance), but that's doubtful.

In the press room Shakira wore a Hervé Léger metal pailette-embellished gun-metal bandage dress; if it weren't for those arm-warmers, I'd probably be more of a fan of this dress, but those paired with the tacky boots (Yes I hate them) she looks like she's wearing a chic Disco Ball costume.

Fergie looked superb walking the red carpet in an Armani Privé Fall 2009 black gown with asymmetrical zipper detailing. She sparkled thanks to the gown's Swarovski crystal embellishment, plus the floor length column and dramatic slit help elongate the petite Pea.

On the opposite end of the flattering sparkle spectrum, is Kelly Clarkson. There is absolutely nothing about this that looks good.

Also unflattering are sparkling shorts as sported by teen pop singer Chantel "Chani" Christie. Also that satin button down is not helping her cause either, at least she can walk away knowing that Carrie Underwood will buy those teeny things off her.

Lauren Sanchez had so much potential to look good in this, if only she had purchased a size larger, longer perhaps. With the thigh-highs (which I've loved for many a year, in fact I remember one particular episode of Beverly Hills 90210, where Steve has his car stolen by two girls, one of which were wearing a short purple dress and a pair of thigh-high stockings and I originally thought she were in boots and thought it looked great. I have had thigh-high envy since) and overly tight, overly short sparkly dress grey-ish tights, she reminds me of an aged Vivian Ward, she could star in Cougar Woman or maybe Pretty Cougar: On the Prowl?

Alicia Keys shimmered in a beautiful cobalt blue, jewel encrusted strapless Giorgio Armani Privé dress. Normally I'd prefer silver metallic or nude shoe with this colour blue, but I love the pairing of her blue Cesare Paciotti shoes. Ms Keys does take the blue styling a bit overboard with her electric blue eyeshadow (although the pink lip was a great choice) and the dark blue clutch. Also, what is on her wrist? It resembles a sweatband. As a side note: I love the girls elated face walking by in the background.

Let's move away from the glitter, with Kayla Ewell from the CW's Vampire Diaries; the dress is cute and I even like the ginormous bow that makes her look like a giant CW present, truthfully the only reason I put this picture up is because of the legs growing out of her hips. I find it hilarious. So now that I've unveiled some of my lame sense of humour, let's step over this and take a peek at Rihanna...

Rihanna's black and white, duchess satin Marchesa Spring 2010 strapless gown with laser cut florals has really grown on me. At first I thought she resembled a napkin holder or even an origami napkin, but now I see it as the true piece of fashion art that it is. It's just unfortunate that her hair is that colour and was styled like that. It's taking away from her dress, she's got a Donald Trump thing going, which nobody wants. Her hair is also taking the attention away from her rather visible lady parts, which are probably on display to prove that although she may have The Trumps hairstyle, the similarities end there.

Speaking of lady parts...

Sofia Vergara looks stunning in absolutely anything.. or nothing for that matter, she is currently starring in one of the two best new shows* of the fall, Modern Family (the other, for those interested is Cougar Town. Hilarious). I'm so pleased that she's not one of those incredibly genetically blessed woman who have to show off every curve with excessive skin bearing, in fact the only skin Sofia's exposing in her nude Emilio Pucci one-shoulder gown, is her other shoulder, and does she look anything less than sexy? No. Impossible. Also, I finally understand how the word "rack" was chosen to describe the female anatomy, you can store books on those **LP's.

(*It should be noted, I originally wrote shoes instead of shows, until my Freudian typo was pointed out)
(**Lady Parts)

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