Nov 15, 2009

The 43rd Country Music Association Awards

Since it seems I am now a Country music fan, even if it's only on a part-time basis, I naturally spent this past Wednesday night watching the 43rd CMA Awards. Not that I have much attachment to many of the artists, thus I couldn't care less who wins what, but I was definitely interested to hear who may be performing (Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Sugarland, Lady Antebellum, etc), but being the girl that I am, I was most interested to see who wore what especially since over the past decade the ladies of country have turned over their gaudy, tasseled, sequined getups for more glamorous and fashion-forward gowns. Unfortunately there were very few gowns that I actually loved, but at least there were a couple pretty ones, and a few that made me debate their sanity out loud.

Let's start with Miss Entertainer of the Year herself, Taylor Swift;

Looking like an ice princess in a sequined strapless Reem Acra gown, I'd prefer to see it in a different colour, but I she still looks fabulous. Then again, I'm biased.

Another woman I seem to have bias over is Jennifer Nettles. In this case, however, there is no denying how amazing she looks in her Luisa Beccaria tulle gown. The bodice fits her like a bandage (dress) and I love the detail in the skirt.

I really wish I could allow Faith Hill her spotlight and just show a solo photo, but I find her solo pics rather dull. Her gray strapless Azzaro dress is fine, pretty even, it's a little too...Lauren Conrad, and I believe I'd prefer it on someone of that age set instead Mrs McGraw no matter how youthful she still looks. The best part of this look are her accessories, both the layered necklaces and that handsome thing on her arm, the only things that give this ensemble intrigue.

Kellie Pickler has the cutest personality, bubbly, slightly ditzy, sweet, all true of her age, and yet she doesn't appear to be any of that with her new hue. I'm the first to proclaim a love for gingers, but Kellie loses herself without her blonde hair, and this metallic David Meister gown is only aging her, she should have been wearing something more like...

Patricia Heaton's plunging Pamella Roland maroon mini-dress. Truthfully the two should switch! Patricia here looks great, admittedly (thanks to her many nips and tucks) but this is just too IN YOUR FACE! Both ends need only an inch or two and it would have been far more appropriate for a 50-something year old woman. Flaunt what you got, just don't look...desperate? doing so.

Martina McBride avoids looking desperate in a silver strapless draped Georges Hobeika gown, she also looks like a beautifully adorned pillowcase.

Her performance gown is much better and looks less like something she borrowed from one of her three daughters, plus the colour is superb on her.

I had absolutely no idea who Drake Dixon was when I saw him on the red carpet, until I found his youtube videos. This getup makes him look like the white Gary Coleman! Seriously I'm not denying how adorable this child is, just tell me random facts, like the human head weighs 8 pounds and my heart would melt.. but the adorned jacket is reminiscent of those country artists of yore that I had mentioned in my intro, plus a child in a suit? It merely helps further the theme I've noticed of the evening. Age swap!

For those who may have mistaken American Idol alum Diana DeGarmo for someone older, like CSI Miami's Eva La Rue, you are not alone. I think the dress is kind of great (the neckline could be a just a tad lower), as are the shoes, but she herself does not look like a mere 22. What on earth is going on with everyone on Wednesday night?!?!

Finally someone age appropriate. Thank you Jennnette McCurdy, thank you!

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  1. that was quick! maybe i should push you more often haha. i definitely agree on the desperation look the red mini dress chick has going on. and lol @ the 'human head weighs 8 lbs' remark. i thought of the same kid when i saw the pic.


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