Sep 13, 2009

MTV VMAs: Red Carpet (Pre-Judgements)

As the whole family is sitting watching the VMAs and rolling our eyes at Lady Gaga's Jean Paul Ghautier designed Phantom of the Opera homage- I'm not sure I can ever look at Kermit the Frog the same way again- my sis and I noticed that Shakira is looking rather bloated, in the face (her body however was looking quite stellar in her tight sequined Balmain mini), botox gone awry perhaps? Three minutes later Pink makes her grand entrance in the exact same dress! On a daily basis that's not really a big deal, but at an awards event (even one hosted by MTV) and being separated by mere minutes, some personal assistant or stylist somewhere is being canned.

Speaking of being canned, Ashley Greene as their Fashion Correspondent. Why? Who made this happen and what inspired this? Have you not been taking note of her many poor fashion choices as of late? Someone needs to tell her she is no Chloe Sevigny, so she needs to steer clear of the Beverly Hills 90210 floral flashbacks! But I digress...

As many know I am a big fan of both Cinderella and Taylor Swift, so having the two combined with her pumpkin carriage entrance in a beautiful ice gown that a fairy godmother would have blessed you with brought much joy to my little black heart.

There's so much more that I have to say about the Red Carpet, but the show has started and Kanye West has just overshadowed the Micheal Jackson Tribute!! Douche!

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  1. I agree about Gaga and Kermit. Ewwwww. Piggy needs a divorce.


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