Jun 4, 2009

Miley Cyrus Has a Clothing Line?!

I shouldn't be surprised that a Disney princess has a clothing line, true. Miley may not be the first, Stuff by Duff existed years before we had even experienced the Hannah Montana explosion, it's her collaboration that I am both shocked (and even impressed) by. Ms Miley Cyrus is teaming up with the genius behind BCBG and Hervé Léger, Max Azria for her low-cost Wal-Mart clothing line! I've been a BCBG fan for a mighty long time, and I'm truly surprised that Tunisian designer would team up with a teeny-bopper (alright, I suppose she's a full-fledged teenager by now) to put out an affordable clothing line, considering he already has that in BCBGeneration. And Miley Cyrus at that?! While I believe she's been looking great lately, the photo above makes me question her judgement, although not nearly as much as her flaunted friendship with Spencer and Heidi Pratt (I just shuddered). I'm not sure I can really condone this partnership, then again I highly doubt I'm their target market, then again what twenty-something-year-old wouldn't want access to Max Azria fashion for under $20!

Note: Check out the link to NY Mag, besides the first look- I hate knee-high black leather boots- I absolutely love each of Miley's outfits critiqued by the Fug Girls.

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