May 9, 2009

Getting Fit: New Routine with Jillian Michaels

It took me a couple weeks after landing back in Toronto to get settled into a new fitness routine. I had finished The 5-Factor Diet while in Vegas, and was beginning to enjoy the results I was seeing from being able to use a real gym's equipment, but without a guarantee of having that luxury back home doing a high-rep, low-weight circuit would work best for me. I think I am finally ready to give in to Jillian Michaels' bullying (and I've been watching the Biggest Loser lately and it's definitely inspired me and I've warmed up to her),  so I started her routine in Making the Cut last week. While I admit she definitely kicked my ass, with my first week complete I was feeling quite excited for what's to come. 

Day 7 was an off day, and I spent it walking around downtown Toronto and meeting with my favourite lawyer for coffee, after a rather enjoyable interview with a company I'd be absolutely perfect for; unfortunately after rushing to my interview I managed to pull a muscle in my thigh. Worried about how it may affect the beginning of week two, I made sure to rest it for the evening hoping that it would miraculously heal overnight.

Naturally, it did not.
Not only was I incapable of putting any weight on my left leg, I also realized that Day 8 was going to be very difficult for me to come up with many home variations. My "Hot Body" goal was starting to look grim, at least at the moment. This is where my cousin comes in and saves my life (I've never denied being a bit dramatic, so that statement stays), and is letting me use her gym membership until her cancellation request kicks in (She hasn't used it in over a year and is FINALLY cancelling it!). I made it to the gym yesterday and did as much as I could without over-stressing my injury, which I'm hoping will be gone by mid-week and I can go back to giving this plan 100% of my efforts.

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