Apr 1, 2009

Spine to Spine: Secrets de Guerre; My Custom Van

After years of searching out here in Vegas, I finally found and read a french book! Granted it took coming back to Canada and one of my sis' fellow immersion friends giving one to me to make it happen, but it still counts. I haven't used my french in a long time, and I really was fearful of "losing it" or merely having my language skills slip, so reading Jean-Michel Lienhardt's Secrets de Guerre was exactly what I needed. The novels difficulty level isn't high (intermediate), thus less daunting than Voltaire, but there were still words I didn't completely understand. Fortunately, I was immersed in French at a young age, so I still managed to comprehend the ideas and storyline written, and although the "stupid french book made me cry" due to its tragic denouement, I enjoyed it.

Since I had already read a good chunk of it before I left Vegas mid-October, I was able to include another book into March's Spine to Spine, the wickedly inventive Michael Ian Black and his collection of short stories, My Custom Van: And 50 Other Mind-Blowing Essays that Will Blow Your Mind All Over Your Face. The man responsible for teaming up with Simon Pegg for Run Fatboy Run, penned some of the most absurdly hilarious essays I have ever read; contemplating the effect of vampires on the economy; letters to the first girl he ever fingered and to a squirrel he resented for its cuteness; play-by-play tips on how to approach every man's taboo desire: anal. He just might be the king of randomness. How radical is that? A million radical!


  1. I'm reading "Secrets de Guerre" in French class, but I'm having trouble understanding the story line. I've read the whole thing, but am still confused. Can you explain to me what happens?

  2. I was recently assigned to read this for a french project. I need too know what the books about. Can you explain to me what happens as well please?


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