Apr 3, 2009

Girl Crush: Olivia Wilde

I recently read that Olivia Wilde believes that audiences dislike her character on House because she had a gay scene. I can't believe that such a thing would actually be considered an issue, but it's quite possible all at the same time. Then again wasn't it a lesbian relationship that offered her a name in season two of The O.C.? If she wasn't approaching her 6th wedding anniversary (PS her husband is an Italian "prince") I'd think Olivia was trying to walk in Ellen's chucks. Either way, I think she's great, and have a total girl crush on her... I have ever since I was introduced to that purple-streaked hair vixen on The O.C. "Uh-huh.. It was fun. Dude.. It was just a kiss.. It is just a kiss, Right Mandy?"

There is nothing about this photo that I do not like; her perfectly arched brows, dark hair, the maroon suede boots, crocheted dress, all of which I would like to own. I suppose I should take this time to define what constitute as a "Girl Crush." In general it's a feeling of awe or admiration for another girl, that is not limited to feelings of lust (but could certainly be included). With the possible desire to not necessarily be 'her,' but to be like 'her,' with a side of idolizing. The following are photos of some of my favoured Olivia Wilde looks:

Looking regal in Reem Acra at the 2008 Emmy Awards.

I have a thing for black and white stripes with a simple, mini, black bottom. Very Parisian inspired.

Reem Acra loves her and vice versa. I've already commented on this look, but it is still worth mentioning a second time, and let's face it- it's a girl crush, clearly I'm going to gush as much as I want.

I love that look, the 60s inspired thick eyeliner, slight pouf and icy-pale lip. If only I could pull off as well as Ms Wilde does. She has some serious angles to her face, eyebrows, cheekbones and jawline, and I've appreciated her rebillious characters (see what I did there?), even as one of the stoner-sluts (with fellow OC alum Autumn Reeser) begging to hang with the creeptastic porn-directing Timothy Olyphant in The Girl Next Door, if that doesn't scream Girl Crush, I don't know what does.

You can watch an interview of Olivia Wilde by her husband Tao Ruspoli, here.


  1. love her so much!
    she's just superb!

  2. Can you tell me in wich episode she appears on OC?
    thank you.

  3. She actually appeared in many (and sorry for the slight delay, I need to figure out how to get notified when I receive comments, instead of just stumbling onto them randomly), her first appearance that I can recall was in season 2 episode 4- Seth attempts to set her up with Ryan on a double date.
    She's also in the following episode, the SnO.C.
    I'm pretty sure she appears in every episode after that up until episode 16.

  4. I think shes verry pertty i also have a girl crush on here :)

  5. I have a huge girl crush on her slightly annoyed that forman gets a relationship with her character thirteen i hate forman! great blog though gorge pics x

  6. I have a huge crush on her. like TOTALLY!! she has this beautiful features rather seductive. MAN i hate that foreman gets to lock-lips with her.

    btw its an awesome blog. Following u :)

  7. I'm a girl and I found out I'm bisexual after I saw Olivia Wilde for the first time xD

    I mean, she's sexy, cute, hot, pretty, EVERYTHING.

  8. i love her, plus i want her eyebrows!! and everything else as well.. not only is she beautiful, but she is so talented.. anyone who doesn't have a crush on her (guy and girl) need to have their eyes checked!

  9. Lol@ all the Foreman bashing!
    That's awesome that an actor can help you discover a piece of yourself.
    Yeah, beyond her beautiful face, I just really like her as a person; I love that she's a lot smarter than you'd expect for a girl so stunning, and she carries herself so well-- Incredibly confident.
    I loved her face in Year One, the makeup was great for her features also.

    And thanks for all the compliments! Im glad ppl enjoy it!

  10. And Olivia.... I love her, omg she is so beautiful and sexy and her craneal structure is so amazingly strange and fits her so well. And her last name is the same as mine (Cockburn) Wilde is her actress name.


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