Mar 24, 2009

Getting Fit: New Routine

I've finally decided on a new routine to follow in my ongoing fitness/health/hot-ass body goals. After I had finished 6 weeks of my last routine, I had a few options that I was having a great deal of difficulty choosing between. For two weeks I technically had no planned workout or routine, and was just doing a lot of yoga and dance DVDs, and used boot camp and kickboxing DVDs for strength, along with Sparkpeople's 15 Abs video. But no more unfocused workouts for me! Since I have access to a gym while I'm here in Vegas- which I'm incredibly grateful for, thank you Mr. Vegas and 24 Hour Fitness-  I decided the best plan to follow would be one that incorporated more weight lifting, as opposed to other routines I follow at home that are composed of high-rep, heart pumping circuit-training moves. 

I am officially taking at stab at fellow Canadian Harley Pasternak's 5 Factor Fitness, granted I'm not following the diet whatsoever, I'm on "vacation" don't judge me, but the fitness routine is getting all of my efforts. The break-down of his method is: 5 minutes of a warm-up, 5 minute upper body and 5 minute lower body-which is combined as superset, and 5 minutes of abs followed by 5+ minutes of cardio. I've upped my warm-up to 12 minutes, on the elliptical or treadmill, and do between 15-35 min of cardio, but I must say being able to finish a workout within an hour is superb! Especially since I head to the gym with someone else, who doesn't treat the gym as their mecca.

I'm trying to keep my weight as heavy as I can lift properly, which often ends in drop sets, in order to take advantage of the muscle building opportunities of machines and heavier dumbbells (than what I own). I'm nearing the end of my second week and am starting to feel some effects, now if only I can get my nutrition down, and stop eating so many chips... since when did I eat chips? Seriously? I normally hate them, and yet somehow I've been munching after every meal!

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  1. In order to protect someone's anonymity I deleted their comment (since I couldn't just delete the name). But to still immortalize their thoughts in web-stone, I copied and will now paste it below.

    Thanks Anonymous!

    "Yay! I love weights. I just read an article about Madonna/Gwyneth's trainer and the woman is crazy. She says that women should never ever lift weights because it prevents us from being teeny tiny. Her whole schtick is to make every woman look like a teeny tiny dancer. Who wants that? I thought that we were past this everyone trying to fit into the same mould thing. Anyhow, I like to lift my weights and I'm glad that I've gotten bigger. I want to be strong, not diminutive!"


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