Mar 4, 2009

Getting Fit: Being Sick

I have a few blogs that I've started, sitting in draft mode, and it's really frustrating not finding the time to finish them, or as the present case may be- being unable to muster the energy to type for longer than a minute or two! This week I am sick, last week I was stressed out and spent most off the week running on empty (which explains how I got rundown this week), the week prior I suffered back problems and couldn't do much of anything physical for a few days, so I tried to make up for my lost workout time by doubling a few days of cardio, and adding an additional set of the my workout circuit. And look where it's got me! Clearly my body (and mind) needed a rest, and I didn't heed the first signs, so it FORCED me to stop, take a break, and rest.

If only I could see straight, I'd be able to read the book outlining my new possible workout (that I had intended to start this past Monday); Jillian Michaels' Making the Cut, which looks to be a relatively hardcore 30 day routine. It only makes sense that the relentless trainer features on TVs the Biggest Loser would write in her first chapter, "Girly " push-ups? I don't even want to hear it--toughen up or go buy someone else's book." Of course in my present ill state, she's kind of scaring me, so maybe I should check out someone else's book! (You can read a chapter of Jillian Michaels book here.

My other fitness options are to follow routines that I've used in the past, and are somewhat familiar with. Which consist of Heidi Klum's infamous trainer, David Kirsch's Sound Body Sound Mind, which works similarly as January/February's routine, as a low weight-high rep circuit that uses all muscle groups while incorporating cardio with the strength moves; David Zinczenko's The Abs Diet for Women, which is better for muscle building, as expected from the Editor-in-Chief of Men's Health, it focuses on low reps with higher weights; or I could always take another stab at the 5-Factor Diet by Harley Pasternak (the Canadian credited for revamping much of Hollywood's fittest), but I found that workout a little too easy, the diet advice however, was great (as is David Zinczenko's). 

So many choices, if only I had the energy to pick a routine and/or read the book! Let alone actually do the moves... Whichever I chose, I'll keep TMP updated.

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