Feb 9, 2009

WTF?!?! Chris Brown is a Batterer?

Celebrity gossip, although I can indulge in it, annoys me, and I try my best to avoid it- which is an extremely difficult task when you have a mother like mine who watches EVERY tabloid "news" show that comes on after 6pm nightly- but I can  not pretend that this situation hasn't piqued my interest. While watching E!'s Live from the Red Carpet at the Grammy's last night, Ryan Seacrest was interrupted a few times to be given updates regarding Chris Brown's alleged involvement in an assault case, an unidentified woman and Chris were arguing in a car, pulled over and the argument escalated. A witness contacted the police but by the time they arrived Chris had left, and the unidentified woman identified Chris Brown as her assailant. We were later told that both Chris Brown AND Rihanna had cancelled their performances and were no longer attending the Grammy's. I was disappointed about not getting to see what Rihanna would wear on the red carpet, and was quite surprised that there was even an alleged investigation of Chris Brown regarding a physical altercation with a female. It seems so out of character. 

I'm certain I'm not the only one that view(ed) Chris Brown as a good kid, someone that you would be proud to call your son, be comfortable dating your daughter, and encouraging your children holding him as a role model. Could we all be so wrong? Did he really beat Rihanna? Because at this point, with the little bit of information, that's what its sounding like. The really unfortunate thing for Chris and Rihanna, is that their in the public eye, so she's not gonna get the privacy to heal both physically and emotionally, and the situation is going to be so incredibly exploited its unlikely we'll ever have the truth. When you look at it objectively, for all we know, they could have got in an argument, and they threw purses and phones, whatever was nearby, and even though it was not his intent, Chris' phone hit Rihanna in the face leaving her with "visible injuries." All of this is possible, but Chris will no longer be able to defend himself- I mean how could one defend hitting a woman? Accident or not? I don't see how his PR reps will turn this favourably; the world will crucify him. Which perhaps he deserves? But we don't actually KNOW that yet- but it's unlikely the media will abide by the law of "Innocent until proven Guilty." 

Until I know that Chris Brown is actually at fault, I feel sorry for him. It's just who I am. I'm not saying I have no emotions for Rihanna, if she is indeed the victim (which nobody should actually know, unless she steps forward and says so- but of course the media will not leave her alone until they create their truth), then I will indeed want nothing but retribution for her against Chris' actions. But for now, I feel sorry for the talented little boy, that has experienced first hand the damage that domestic abuse can create.

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