Feb 17, 2009

The Tribulations of Job Hunting

I have been on this job hunting grind since I returned from Vegas a couple of months ago, and wow is it unpleasant! Employment opportunities are so limited right now, especially for someone who is a relatively recent university graduate, trying to find the start of her career in a field she didn't study, nor has very much experience in. I continue to consider going back to school, perhaps college? And explore their graduate programs, marketing perhaps? PR? Human Resource Management? Or take the ultimate plunge and dive into something medical and biological. Or even follow my interests in publishing and try and get an internship- which translates to no-pay but possibly great experience? Quite obviously, that may be another issue for me- that I have somewhat broad interests, but am unable to pinpoint exactly what career path I should focus on. Then I began to wonder if all this frustration, confusion and hesitation is due to my real passion being acting, and that I don't feel as if I've ever given it my full attention, and never given myself a 100% chance at chasing my goal.

So due to this ongoing headache, I believe I need a change of scenery, and for a total of 48 hours was a considering a quick 2 week getaway to Las Vegas. Of course, last minute it appeared as if signs were saying I shouldn't go, and I missed my chance of getting a ride to the airport (or nearby), and a good flight at a good price. But now I keep thinking that I made the wrong decision, in staying here. Like I said, I need a change of scenery, and perhaps that will give me a new perspective on things; rejuvenate me, so this job hunt can stop feeling so daunting. Plus, the MAGIC clothing convention is this week in Vegas, which would have given me plenty to write about: the clothes and the industry parties. Not to mention the benefit of seeing my family and friends whom I greatly miss.

For now, I remain where I am, reviewing my french (which embarrassingly, is not as great as it once was nor should be for a fluent girl), browsing job banks, and trying to network in hopes a great opportunity shall arise. 

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