Feb 20, 2009

Rihanna's leaked Picture: Should it be Public Property?

Last night I was browsing some of my habitually-visited websites, and I stumbled across a picture of Rihanna's face after her alleged altercation with Chris Brown. Today the same site has taken it down, but I was really annoyed by this. I'm not going to post the picture myself, I'm sure it'll be easily found in a matter of seconds, but this did inspire a rant.

Tabloid magazines and TV shows are getting out of hand. The scrutiny that celebrities are put under, Jessica Simpson's weight gain as an example, not only put pressure on Hollywood and the celebrities themselves, but it also brainwashes the rest of society. Then there's issues such as the leaked picture of Rihanna, which is not only impeding a legal issue, but also completely eliminating any respect to her as a person, as a victim. I highly doubt that her camp leaked the photos, since she managed to make it back to Barbados without photos of her publicized everywhere, and let's face it, L.A.X. Airport is the new Ivy, so she's clearly going out of her way for some privacy; so that leaves whomever we all turn to for support and protection - someone on the police force, or staff from the hospital in which she was admitted. It annoys me that these sort of stories get such attention before any factual information is known, because that indicates that we're buying into them.

I suppose what bothers me the most, is that these sort of stories are inflicting my own personal guilty pleasure. I am not about to deny my interest in celebrityism, in their makeup, fashion, appearance in general and even in  lives of some of my favourites, but that's via interviews they agree to. I am a pop culture follower, but I have no interest in the gossip. Unfortunately that line between tabloid & gossip and pop culture has become so blurred, it's virtually erased. I shouldn't have to feel apologetic about my harmless-intentioned guilty pleasure, but the new medias that exist and are thriving just make me guilty.

If the medium is the message and the content is the audience, then we're responsible for this trash?

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  1. a-(wo)men!
    i was just about to put a line on the blog in one of the posts about idiots sending the picture and wanting credit as if i'm gonna post. smh...


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