Feb 22, 2009

Oscar Red Carpet

I'm at a friends "stepparants" house for dinner, trying to watch the Oscars red-carpet, since let's face it, I've been looking forward to this all month, I'm an Oscars fan, plus it gives me something else that I'm passionate about to write about tomorrow. Unfortunately dinner is almost ready and the red carpet has JUST started! But I've already had the chance to see Miley Cyrus's gown, and it's made me even more excited! Her dress was gorgeous! Lots of petal detailing and beading, with a sweetheart neckline; very reminiscent of a gown a princess would wear on her coronation or some regal special event. She still managed to keep it looking young with a trendy (and retro) butterfly belt, nipping in the waist. It's obvious I love it!

I'm now left wondering how many more risks we'll see, or if Penelope Cruz will show up in black, or Kate Winslet will be wearing her typical Narcisso Rodriguez or Zac Posen? In hours I'll know.. I think I may be a little more excited than usual, since I've been sitting here drinking a glass of wine- it's making me loopy! Dinner time, I'm hoping we'll be able to tape this....

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