Feb 24, 2009

2009 Oscar Fashion, The Beginning

I'm far too tired today to be writing a full critique of last night's Oscar fashions, I had a full weekend, and got called into work on 5 hours of sleep (I need 9, so it seems) and I have gone limp from hearing so many other people's opinions- most of which I disagree with. So in spirit of possibly going against the masses (or at least the paid opinions of the "Fashion Experts" on the tabloid shows my mother watches), I am presently naming my favourite dress of the night:

Miley Fucking Cyrus. I absolutely LOVED this ivory, beaded silk chiffon Zuhair Murad ball gown. It was gorgeous and incredibly dramatic, without being completely over-the-top, and fit her beautifully. Petal detailing would not work on many gowns, nor could many people pull it off, especially with such heavy beading. But Smiley here looked very regal, this is what I would love to see a princess wearing during her coronation (or perhaps her not so white wedding).

The belt, which I originally thought was a butterfly during the red carpet, helped breakup the detailing of the bodice, and kept it trendy enough for such a young girl to wear. Which was unexpected, a belt, an accessory I normally consider casual, over the bodice of a full skirted ball gown. There were other belted gowns I noticed on the red carpet, another of which I adored was, 

Sarah Jessica Parker cinched her waist in a "barely mint" Dior Haute Couture gown. It's similar to Miley's Murad gown, only more mature (thankfully) with the detailing limited to the bustier. I love a great bustier with a full skirt when done well. Speaking of- let us address that bustier, 

It was putting in work! If it weren't for noticing many times on Sex and the City that SJP had great breasts, I would have been wondering if these were not as mature as she is- if you know what I mean. Honestly, I can appreciate her overly full cup, her pin curls however, I found very aging, and not at all flattering with her otherwise gorgeous gown. Full skirts and Dior do not always equal a masterpiece, 

As Marion Cotillard proved on Oscar night, in a Dior couture black tulle gown with royal blue sequin embroidery from the 2008 Fall collection. From a woman who wore such a risky fishscaled John Paul Gaultier mermaid gown at the 2008 Oscars, and succeeded swimmingly (did I just make a pun?), this was unfulfilling. I found the belt too casual and unflattering, and Marion was overwhelmed by all that tulle and sequins.


  1. i 100% agree with you on the miss cyrus there!
    Every critic i heard on her dress was bad, they all said she was in the "out", but i thought her dress was the most unique and elegant out of them all! She looked like a disney princess herself!

  2. Thank you! I knew there was a reason I adored you.. (as we can see though a reason to adore me is NOT my speedy comment responses).

    She looked EXACTLY like a disney princess, and I can not even believe (yes I can) how critics weren't fawning over her (cuz she's not one of their "usual suspects" to glorify, a la Jenn Anniston, Jenn Garner, Jenn.... If it's not granola or an old hollywood replica, it is not fashionable according to popular media. *yawn*)


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