Mar 3, 2009

Oscar Fashion: In the Red

Just finished watching the results show of American Idol, and I'm impressed with my deduction skills; I correctly guessed each Top 12 contestant, Kris Allen, 16 year old Allison Iraheta, and pretty-boy rocker Adam Lambert, hopefully Megan Corkrey gets in on a wild card- and yes I actually care about American Idol, it shocks me weekly. It's now over and I have one of three things to do, workout, watch CSI, or continue my Oscar fashion's critique; and since I've been far too stressed out with this job hunt and other obligations this week I haven't managed to say much else about my Oscar thoughts, and believe me, I have a lot to say- You should see my notes! 

NOTE: That opening paragraph was written a week ago! A week AGO! And guess what today is... another AI results show. Clearly I need to get my Oscar's critique on- it's getting to a point where it has been so long, I almost don't even care about what anyone wore... I said almost,  so let me pick up where I left off.

Common of formal red carpet events, there was a lot of red worn on the carpet, scarce of it was very good however, 

Heidi Klum wore this origami-inspired RM by Roland Mouret, and as much as I want to love her fashion risk- I don't. It looks as if someone took a roll of crimson organza and just wrapped it around her, and tied a bow in the back. The dress is too much, with the dangerously high slit up her leg, the cut-outs at the side and the back, the signature Roland Mouret neckline.. all TOO MUCH!! Oddly enough, I did love the excessive jewelry, which should fall under the category of too much, but that was the only part of her Oscars experience I appreciated.  

Amanda Seyfried wore another "losing" red number, although from this angle it doesn't look so bad, but when facing front the rise of the hem exposing her shoes looks ill-fitting. It's very close to being a gorgeous old-school glamour throwback with that giant red satin bow, and those Veronica Lake waves, but this is the Oscar's "close" is not a compliment. The gun metal shoes, and antique necklace were a plus... again I prefer the accessories to the gown. 

Finally a dress I liked! Amy Adams' silk crimson Carolina Herrera dress with double-face duchess satin bustier was absolutely gorgeous on her. It was an excellent fit and that colour looks divine against her skin. I was rather torn on her Fred Leighton 1950's bib necklace,   

It was possibly a little too much paired with the black pipping of her crimson gown, and yet when looking at the close-up it's hard to deny how great the emeralds, rubies and sapphires look against her skin. The jewels also bring out her eye colour, and compliments her makeup-- I like the dress on her, I love the necklace on her, I'm not sure how I feel about the two together, but compared to January's fashion choices, this is a winner!

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