Feb 7, 2009

January's Best Awards Fashion Pt. 3

We're quickly approaching the Grammy's, a normally exciting day in Awards show fashions- people take risks, sometimes too many- so it's a good time to showcase all the dresses I didn't get around to posting in January. I left off Part Two with the remaining whites & nudes, and a couple crazies from the Golden Globes, which I still have a few more dresses to discuss, then we can finish off the SAG Awards. There's something I find very romantic and glamorous about a dramatic gown, unless of course the gown looks like this:

There's so many things I would change. Let's start with the colour- why black? Why? It's so drab for this cut. Speaking of drab... what's up with the hair? Not in the mood to do it today? I'd get that, say if you were going on a quick grocery run, and yet here you are, on a red carpet. Back to the dress, what's with the applique? The sad little train, or is that just organza excess? Amy! I heart you! Oscar de la Renta! I don't "heart" you, but I have found memories of my mom only wearing your perfume as I grew up; so why have you both done this to me? To this dress? A dress I'm 75% certain I'd like in another colour, like royal blue?

I LOVE this! I love it more and more each time I look at it. Anne Hathaway made an excellent decision choosing this Giorgio Armani Prive royal blue silk gazar gown. The skirt is excessive yet flowy, and the hand-pleated bustier adds intrigue and even a little edge. The colour looks great on her porcelain skin, and even she even evokes Audrey Hepburn with those doe eyes.  

My love affair of the dramatic continues with girlcrush Olivia Wilde in a Reem Acra (bridal) ballgown. Beyoncé wore the same dress in black a month prior, and in true B fashion, she overdid it (with excessive, forced cleavage); but Ms Wilde won me over with the lavender hue, her sleek hair and understated accessories.

Speaking of love affairs, the entire western world seems to be having one with Slumdog Millionaire; Frieda Pinto wore a strapless Christian Lacroix Haute Couture dress. Pushing aside Edina's voice repeating "Christian Lacroix? Christian Lacroix!" in my ear, I've found some irony that the woman repping India is of course wearing Haute Couture, and it's saffron..the colour, is a spice. Is that ironic or what? Maybe it's just me... anyway, the overall look isn't bad, and I applaud this newcomer for making such a risky choice, but i dislike [read: hate] the bunching/pinning at the hip, although I supposed it'd be very useful if you eat too much.

Evan Rachel Wood, didn't stray from her usual black uniform, but on this rare occasion, I'm happy that she didn't. This plunging V-neck, tiered Elie Saab, is gorgeous and looks great on her, the miserable expression, does not.

Often joyful Cameron Diaz also kept true to her nature, by choosing an unconventional pink taffeta Chanel Haute Couture gown, and of course by not brushing her hair. I like it from the waist up, possibly even from that odd thigh-pinning, the neckline is intricate and original; the base, however, is busy, unflattering, and it seems as if Cameron accidentally tucked her gown into her panties after a quick bathroom run.

I really disliked Christina Applegate's People's Choice Awards gown, but I decided to leave it be, considering her recent breast cancer battle. This canary Roberto Cavalli, however, I love, so I decided not to leave her out again.

Hayden Panettierre made the ill choice of wearing a deep purple, strapless Gianfranco Ferré gown. I was a bit iffy of this armour-esque style on Jennifer Morrison; but on a curve-lacking girl like Hayden, it just looks bad. Which is regrettable, because I think otherwise, I would have loved it.

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