Feb 5, 2009

January's Best Awards Fashion Pt. 2

During the Golden Globes, I noticed an oddly high number of white/champagne/nude gowns, and although I've already commented on it, and posted some of those gowns, I still have many that I took note of initially, but didn't make the first cut. These include Jane Krakowski, Demi Moore, Isla Fisher, Penelope Cruz, and these women:

Amanda Seyfried, who I know first as the ditzy-blond from Mean Girls, who's talent consisted of breast-assisted weather predictions, wore a Stella McCartney gown that Salma Hayek had worn only two months prior. Salma's Golden Globes choice was far more flattering for her,  

Her Bottega Veneta silk crepe gown showed off her waistline, hugged her curves and highlighted her breast features. I admit, I have my cheesy moments.

Beyonce went with her award show favourite, Elie Saab. The dress is gorgeous, but I'm quite tired of this body-clinging style on her. Everyone knows, you have curves. We get it. You're curvaceous. Bootylicious. Proud of it. I GET IT.  Let's put your second-skin dressing tendencies to good use, 

Please teach this stunning woman to stop wearing this! Seriously Angelina, how many times can you convince designers to create the gown equivalent of a nightshirt? It's an Atelier Versace gown! Isn't Versace supposed to be known for embracing femininity? I understand you just had twins and may have some ponch concerns, but frankly THIS is just boring. 

The last woman on the "white/nude" train, the always lovely Kate Beckinsale

in a J. Mendel strapless mermaid gown. The 66th Golden Globes were certainly filled with a multitude of gown choices, from the whites/nudes, the stunning, the dramatic, the boring, and the WTF?!?!'s, and even those that make you question you're own tastes and sway between all of the above.  Of those that stumbled under the WTF?!?! category, Renee Zellwegger may be the most guilty (if such a verdict exists).

WHAT THE FUCK?!?! Did Gwyneth Paltrow's attempted gothic Oscar dress teach us nothing of red carpet fashions?! How can anyone fuck up Carolina Herrera (the woman I often wished were my mother)? I just have so many questions...

SO MANY QUESTIONS! Why does a see-thru organza blouse need cut-out shoulders? Who believed this hairstyle was the best option to compliment the outfits style? Why did you let your grandma style your hair in the first place? There's a reason rollers haven't been used like that since 1935, they were dealing with the great depression, why are you trying to depress me Renee? Why? At least someone was having fun, maybe a little too much, 

Isn't Drew Barrymore a delight in this John Galliano for Dior gown? With its pale blue shade and detailing on the skirt making it look more like an 1870s petticoat rather than a dress you actually wear out in public.

And then there's that very exaggerated 50s hair & 80s makeup. She seems to have her eras confused. Or maybe I do, since all together it does have a retro 80s feel, the way the dress falls off her shoulders. But then you have to take into account how much fun she seemed to be having with it all. She seemed almost... high*. So maybe its a throwback to her earlier years on the scene? To the Little Girl Lost Drew?

*with glee of course

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