Feb 4, 2009

January's Best Awards Fashion Pt 1

Since I have so many left over photos from awards shows that I actually wanted to highlight but didn't get around to covering, doing a compilation of the best (best= crazy or gorgeous) from the January awards season makes the most sense.  Starting with Debra Messing in Donna Karen at the People's Choice awards:

I appreciate the risk, I do, and I love the shoes, it even looks pretty good from this angle (although I question how she was capable of sitting), but from a side view,
Debra is looking a little absurd, the shoes continue to remain fabulous, but Debra somewhat resembles Humpty Dumpty. I'm not sure who's more at fault here, DM or DK.

Debra wasn't the only person who turned to Donna Karen for their frock choice, 

Marisa Tomei looked effortlessly stunning, it may not sound as complimentary as its intended- but I was pleasantly shocked even. I've always adored her and am quite content to see Ms.Tomei back on the scene.

Another person who's star faded somewhat (at least to the mass population), 

Jewel showed up in a adorable floral Temperley London pink trimmed dress. Yeah that's right, she chose a pink floral dress... for an awards show in January. April maybe, May sure, June definitely, but January? There's something to be said about dressing for the season, and this is not it.

Californication's Paula Marshall's hue choice was far more seasonally appropriate, 

She looks stunning in that colour, and I love her minimalist approach to accessorizing, the bold hue is enough. Let`s look at the full length, 

marvelous! I'm rarely a fan of black shoes with bright colours, although I can admit when it's been well done- this is one of those times. I could continue gushing on her sheath choice, the length, sleeves, neckline, shoes etc.. But Paula Marshall isn't the only woman my gushings are reserved for,

Oh Olivia. So regal with that angular face, and the dress choice isn't bad either. Truthfully, it's gorgeous, it flows beautifully on her, and I'm so grateful that she chose to wear her hair up in a simple high-ponytail, since I believe the usual Hollywood-Cascading-Waves would overwhelm this gowns somewhat-Grecian simplicity. On a related note, I walked into a BCBG store shortly after Ms Wilde wore this gown and I saw something similar, almost exact, that being said, I'm still not 100% sure who this dress is by.

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