Feb 18, 2009

Grammy Awards Fashion

I'm sitting here watching American Idol for the first time since the second season, frustrated that I can't vote due to my Canadian geographic location! I definitely would have voted for Micheal Sarver, whom I think would make an excellent country star, not that I'm a country-star expert, but I have great intuition. And with my "I hope Micheal gets in.. come onnnn.." pleas to the AI gods, I realized I have yet to post my Grammy thoughts and accumulated pictures. I'm not all that surprised by my procrastination, because let's face it the Grammy's fashions were sort of boring. Yes, many people looked very pretty, but it's the Grammy's people! Time for edge and risk and craziness. I really regret Rihanna not attending (putting aside the alleged reasons), she probably would have had a great dress that 50% of people would've loved and the other 50% would question.

Oh Yay! Micheal got in after all! Even without my vote! That's excellent, I'm not sure why I care so much about his success, but he seems sweet, and deserving, and like I said- would be a great country artist. So on that note, most of my preferred Grammy's outfits were worn by country artists, a genre I have recently found a new respect for- not because they've learned how to dress themselves with less sequins, of course; so let's start our Grammy's Fashion tour with the stars of country.

Leann Rimes wore a Philosophy dress that looked much better on screen than it does in photos, regardless I really like it, I'm still undecided on the shoes, however. The colour-combo isn't typical, and I love the jewelled high-waist. On a related note: My friends and I have a "Leann Rimes shot" rule, whenever any song of hers comes on, a shot at the bar must be had. Great rule, I recommend everyone coming up with one of their own.

Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles short Rachel Roy dress was totally unexpected for me from a country star, I loved it. It was fashion forward without being overly trendy, with the beaded bustier (that I honestly couldn't keep up alone), and the bunched hips, it was all very textured. Quite honestly I adored everything about her Grammy appearance, she was so cute when they accepted their award! Much like this picture that I couldn't resist- plus it showed the dress nicely (that tattoo however...)

Speaking of adorable people, I fricken adore Taylor Swift, she looked amazing in her Kaufman Franco which was an excellent choice for her lithe frame. I'm not gonna front- I hushed the house (which consisted of me and mother) when she performed with Miley Cyrus.

On the red carpet, Carrie Underwood glowed in Zuhair Murad, the beading was beautiful, and impressively not tacky. Carrie's performance dress was something else. I really wanted to like it, 

But I couldn't. She looked like she was seat-belted into it; it wanted to be a halter dress, and yet it had billowy sleeves? I didn't realize that her nude dress was actually overlaying sparkly shorts! Why? Why must you always wear formal shorts to perform in? You can showcase your great legs in other ways Carrie, I swear you can... I do it all the time.

A performance outfit I did like, 

Estelle and Kanye West! Kanye's hair and coat was sooooo 80s, I loved it. This is what I expect from the Grammy's, antics of some sort- some kind of shtick, gimmick or image revamping. Thank you Kanye, thank you. I can't help but love a guy who rhymed Through the Wire, literally, and has THAT much confidence (cockiness/arrogance)- and actually deserves it!

Katy Perry's performance dress was very Miss Chiquita Banana, but I did find the figure skating cut cute and flattering,

Then again I could just be relieved that she descended inside the banana and not AS the banana. Her Basil Soda dress, was superb,

It was exactly what I wanted to see on the red carpet; quirky, unique, candy-coated, and managed to channel Marilyn Monroe's infamous Gentlemen Prefer Blondes gown. Oh and give M.I.A. a break, she's pregnant. I'm impressed she found shoes that matched her dress, considering she probably hasn't seen her feet in months. She was due that day! Now that's what I want from my musicians- passion for their craft. Plus how could anyone not love that little polka-dotted belly? 

A blonde that's taking me a VERY long time to warm up to, 

Gwyneth Paltrow, who true to new form, wore something short. Although this time she covered up her legs with tights, and I really cannot understand why. She may have looked like a Burberry disco ball, but I loved it, and those shoes are fabulous.

When I saw the red carpet interview, I thought I loved Kate Beckinsale's Reem Acra gown, 

Then I saw this! I was originally going to complain that she's been doing mermaid gowns a lot lately, but that's now the last of my concerns. It looks as if she was too tall for her gown and an unused bed skirt came in handy last minute. 

I am not a Jennifer Hudson fan, but her performance made me cry. Her dress didn't lift my spirits much either. She looks like she's wearing a bib. Someone needs to tell Jenn here that she's big busted, and doesn't benefit from such coverings. Maybe she's still listening to André Leon Talley, who's had difficulties in the past with picking the best "covering" for Ms. Hudson

Other red carpet looks that stood out included former X-Factor winner and Simon Cowell protégé, 

Leona Lewis, whos right breast wanted out of her Randi Rham dress;

Paris Hilton, who clearly dressed to party, by wearing the same dress she wore at her 6th birthday;

And Estelle, who lived up to my Grammy red carpet expectations. Granted she looked like she was here visiting former neighbour Anne Heche (or Celestia), but I was grateful for it.

On another American Idol note thank god Tatiana didn't make it through, she could sing, yes, but goddam did that girl annoy me.


  1. I agree with you, the Grammy's and other red carpet fashion events are a real snooze fest. These floor grazing gowns are so pretentious and out-dated. O.K. Carrie Underwood looked good in her dress, but so what! It was not exciting. Since when did pop stars want to look like Old Hollywood? Where is the fun in that?

    It would have been worthwhile to see what Rhianna would have worn. Only she has the imagination to take a futuristic Balanciaga dress that is purely runway and make it her own.

    Fashion forwardness is what I would like to see from the pop stars of the day. It's sad when supposedly innovative people are upholding the staunchy status quo. It's sad when American country stars are the best dressed.

  2. P.S. I like what Gwyneth was wearing best, but she's married to Coldplay so she loses major points in my book.

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