Feb 15, 2009

Getting Fit: Month 1 Complete!

Well I did it! I finished one month of Shape Magazine's "Drop 10lbs This Month" circuit workout found in February 2009 issue. I don't think I actually dropped 10lbs but my abs are tighter, flatter, and I'm feeling all together fitter, if only I had a scale I could find out for sure how many pounds I may have lost, but I do have a measuring tape, and my waist has shrunk an inch within this past month, which is encouraging. I've already started another week of this routine, since I only added a third set of the circuit during the 4th week, then I have to figure out what routine to follow next. Perhaps I'll continue this routine for 6 weeks, we'll see though; I still have some areas that could be improved, but I don't want my muscles to get used to the routine, nor do I want to get bored- a feeling I'm slowly approaching. 

The Training Calendar breakdown for the past month was recommended as follows: 
DAY 1  Do the moves
DAY 2  Perform one interval workout
DAY 3  Do the moves
DAY 4  Rest
DAY 5  Perform one interval workout
DAY 6  Do the moves
DAY 7  Perform one interval workout
DAY 8  Rest (repeat the routine from here)
Of course I made some additions and alterations. Since I am not presently a member at a gym, nor have access to any cardio equipment, I didn't follow any of the interval cardio plans, and instead followed dance fitness DVDs for 45 min; I also started my cardio days off with 20min of yoga to help stretch out my muscles from the previous day of strength, and included 10min of abs. Strength days were also accompanied by a 30min dance DVD, and I included 25-30min of yoga on off days. It would have cut out a lot of time if i were able to do the interval routines, since you can burn just as many (or more) calories doing intervals in a short period of time as you can doing steady state cardio for a longer period, but let's face it- dance DVDs are great! I need to pick up some more, and will definitely review when I do, and soon enough I'll share some of my favourites. But with all this fitness talk, I'm reminded that it's a strength day, and these muscles aren't going to work themselves!

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  1. Good Post. keep up the work out. And eat healthy to help your metabolism and fitness journey.


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