Feb 12, 2009

Book a Month: Dearly Devoted Dexter

I have a crush on a serial killer? Seriously!? But, honestly, how could I not? He's witty, charmingly sarcastic, and has an almost altruistic compassion about him- the way he looks out for his "loved" ones, children, and unknown-undeserving victims he feels compelled to avenge.

I finally finished my book choice for January's resolution quota, Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. After years of hearing a few acquaintances talk about the brilliance of this macabre character, I was intrigued, but never looking into picking up the book. Then I caught a few episodes of the series on TV and my curiosity piqued. In the spring last year, friends of mine started a "book club" and decided to start with a Dexter novel; unfortunately for them they unknowingly started with the second novel, but at that point convinced me that I would probably love the character. They were right. I started with the first novel in the series, Darkly Dreaming Dexter a few months ago, and even passed it on to my cousin, who's an avid (and quick) reader, and decided that Dearly Devoted Dexter would be a perfect choice for my book a month resolution.  

Some may consider Dexter's content too gory, especially for someone who hates horror, but hearing all these normally horrific details from Dexter's point of view makes them more acceptable and occasionally even comical. He's got a dry wit and charm in every situation, and a rather astute, unprejudiced narration of the society that surrounds him. Dearly Devoted Dexter, much like Darkly Dreaming Dexter, is one of those books you're excited to continue reading, but you also don't want to end. There's something about his mind that I find refreshing and want the window to his thoughts to remain open. 

One would think that Dexter in the Dark, the third installment of this series would be my February book choice, especially since I have it sitting in my room- But truthfully I want to save it, and I wanted to try a different genre. Unfortunately nothing has come to me and it's already February 12th and this is a short month!! I need suggestions fast.

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  1. Nice to see that you are reading my Dexer suggestion.:)


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