Feb 24, 2009

2009 Oscar Fashion, The Beginning

I'm far too tired today to be writing a full critique of last night's Oscar fashions, I had a full weekend, and got called into work on 5 hours of sleep (I need 9, so it seems) and I have gone limp from hearing so many other people's opinions- most of which I disagree with. So in spirit of possibly going against the masses (or at least the paid opinions of the "Fashion Experts" on the tabloid shows my mother watches), I am presently naming my favourite dress of the night:

Miley Fucking Cyrus. I absolutely LOVED this ivory, beaded silk chiffon Zuhair Murad ball gown. It was gorgeous and incredibly dramatic, without being completely over-the-top, and fit her beautifully. Petal detailing would not work on many gowns, nor could many people pull it off, especially with such heavy beading. But Smiley here looked very regal, this is what I would love to see a princess wearing during her coronation (or perhaps her not so white wedding).

The belt, which I originally thought was a butterfly during the red carpet, helped breakup the detailing of the bodice, and kept it trendy enough for such a young girl to wear. Which was unexpected, a belt, an accessory I normally consider casual, over the bodice of a full skirted ball gown. There were other belted gowns I noticed on the red carpet, another of which I adored was, 

Sarah Jessica Parker cinched her waist in a "barely mint" Dior Haute Couture gown. It's similar to Miley's Murad gown, only more mature (thankfully) with the detailing limited to the bustier. I love a great bustier with a full skirt when done well. Speaking of- let us address that bustier, 

It was putting in work! If it weren't for noticing many times on Sex and the City that SJP had great breasts, I would have been wondering if these were not as mature as she is- if you know what I mean. Honestly, I can appreciate her overly full cup, her pin curls however, I found very aging, and not at all flattering with her otherwise gorgeous gown. Full skirts and Dior do not always equal a masterpiece, 

As Marion Cotillard proved on Oscar night, in a Dior couture black tulle gown with royal blue sequin embroidery from the 2008 Fall collection. From a woman who wore such a risky fishscaled John Paul Gaultier mermaid gown at the 2008 Oscars, and succeeded swimmingly (did I just make a pun?), this was unfulfilling. I found the belt too casual and unflattering, and Marion was overwhelmed by all that tulle and sequins.

Feb 22, 2009

Oscar Red Carpet

I'm at a friends "stepparants" house for dinner, trying to watch the Oscars red-carpet, since let's face it, I've been looking forward to this all month, I'm an Oscars fan, plus it gives me something else that I'm passionate about to write about tomorrow. Unfortunately dinner is almost ready and the red carpet has JUST started! But I've already had the chance to see Miley Cyrus's gown, and it's made me even more excited! Her dress was gorgeous! Lots of petal detailing and beading, with a sweetheart neckline; very reminiscent of a gown a princess would wear on her coronation or some regal special event. She still managed to keep it looking young with a trendy (and retro) butterfly belt, nipping in the waist. It's obvious I love it!

I'm now left wondering how many more risks we'll see, or if Penelope Cruz will show up in black, or Kate Winslet will be wearing her typical Narcisso Rodriguez or Zac Posen? In hours I'll know.. I think I may be a little more excited than usual, since I've been sitting here drinking a glass of wine- it's making me loopy! Dinner time, I'm hoping we'll be able to tape this....

Feb 20, 2009

Rihanna's leaked Picture: Should it be Public Property?

Last night I was browsing some of my habitually-visited websites, and I stumbled across a picture of Rihanna's face after her alleged altercation with Chris Brown. Today the same site has taken it down, but I was really annoyed by this. I'm not going to post the picture myself, I'm sure it'll be easily found in a matter of seconds, but this did inspire a rant.

Tabloid magazines and TV shows are getting out of hand. The scrutiny that celebrities are put under, Jessica Simpson's weight gain as an example, not only put pressure on Hollywood and the celebrities themselves, but it also brainwashes the rest of society. Then there's issues such as the leaked picture of Rihanna, which is not only impeding a legal issue, but also completely eliminating any respect to her as a person, as a victim. I highly doubt that her camp leaked the photos, since she managed to make it back to Barbados without photos of her publicized everywhere, and let's face it, L.A.X. Airport is the new Ivy, so she's clearly going out of her way for some privacy; so that leaves whomever we all turn to for support and protection - someone on the police force, or staff from the hospital in which she was admitted. It annoys me that these sort of stories get such attention before any factual information is known, because that indicates that we're buying into them.

I suppose what bothers me the most, is that these sort of stories are inflicting my own personal guilty pleasure. I am not about to deny my interest in celebrityism, in their makeup, fashion, appearance in general and even in  lives of some of my favourites, but that's via interviews they agree to. I am a pop culture follower, but I have no interest in the gossip. Unfortunately that line between tabloid & gossip and pop culture has become so blurred, it's virtually erased. I shouldn't have to feel apologetic about my harmless-intentioned guilty pleasure, but the new medias that exist and are thriving just make me guilty.

If the medium is the message and the content is the audience, then we're responsible for this trash?

Feb 18, 2009

Grammy Awards Fashion

I'm sitting here watching American Idol for the first time since the second season, frustrated that I can't vote due to my Canadian geographic location! I definitely would have voted for Micheal Sarver, whom I think would make an excellent country star, not that I'm a country-star expert, but I have great intuition. And with my "I hope Micheal gets in.. come onnnn.." pleas to the AI gods, I realized I have yet to post my Grammy thoughts and accumulated pictures. I'm not all that surprised by my procrastination, because let's face it the Grammy's fashions were sort of boring. Yes, many people looked very pretty, but it's the Grammy's people! Time for edge and risk and craziness. I really regret Rihanna not attending (putting aside the alleged reasons), she probably would have had a great dress that 50% of people would've loved and the other 50% would question.

Oh Yay! Micheal got in after all! Even without my vote! That's excellent, I'm not sure why I care so much about his success, but he seems sweet, and deserving, and like I said- would be a great country artist. So on that note, most of my preferred Grammy's outfits were worn by country artists, a genre I have recently found a new respect for- not because they've learned how to dress themselves with less sequins, of course; so let's start our Grammy's Fashion tour with the stars of country.

Leann Rimes wore a Philosophy dress that looked much better on screen than it does in photos, regardless I really like it, I'm still undecided on the shoes, however. The colour-combo isn't typical, and I love the jewelled high-waist. On a related note: My friends and I have a "Leann Rimes shot" rule, whenever any song of hers comes on, a shot at the bar must be had. Great rule, I recommend everyone coming up with one of their own.

Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles short Rachel Roy dress was totally unexpected for me from a country star, I loved it. It was fashion forward without being overly trendy, with the beaded bustier (that I honestly couldn't keep up alone), and the bunched hips, it was all very textured. Quite honestly I adored everything about her Grammy appearance, she was so cute when they accepted their award! Much like this picture that I couldn't resist- plus it showed the dress nicely (that tattoo however...)

Speaking of adorable people, I fricken adore Taylor Swift, she looked amazing in her Kaufman Franco which was an excellent choice for her lithe frame. I'm not gonna front- I hushed the house (which consisted of me and mother) when she performed with Miley Cyrus.

On the red carpet, Carrie Underwood glowed in Zuhair Murad, the beading was beautiful, and impressively not tacky. Carrie's performance dress was something else. I really wanted to like it, 

But I couldn't. She looked like she was seat-belted into it; it wanted to be a halter dress, and yet it had billowy sleeves? I didn't realize that her nude dress was actually overlaying sparkly shorts! Why? Why must you always wear formal shorts to perform in? You can showcase your great legs in other ways Carrie, I swear you can... I do it all the time.

A performance outfit I did like, 

Estelle and Kanye West! Kanye's hair and coat was sooooo 80s, I loved it. This is what I expect from the Grammy's, antics of some sort- some kind of shtick, gimmick or image revamping. Thank you Kanye, thank you. I can't help but love a guy who rhymed Through the Wire, literally, and has THAT much confidence (cockiness/arrogance)- and actually deserves it!

Katy Perry's performance dress was very Miss Chiquita Banana, but I did find the figure skating cut cute and flattering,

Then again I could just be relieved that she descended inside the banana and not AS the banana. Her Basil Soda dress, was superb,

It was exactly what I wanted to see on the red carpet; quirky, unique, candy-coated, and managed to channel Marilyn Monroe's infamous Gentlemen Prefer Blondes gown. Oh and give M.I.A. a break, she's pregnant. I'm impressed she found shoes that matched her dress, considering she probably hasn't seen her feet in months. She was due that day! Now that's what I want from my musicians- passion for their craft. Plus how could anyone not love that little polka-dotted belly? 

A blonde that's taking me a VERY long time to warm up to, 

Gwyneth Paltrow, who true to new form, wore something short. Although this time she covered up her legs with tights, and I really cannot understand why. She may have looked like a Burberry disco ball, but I loved it, and those shoes are fabulous.

When I saw the red carpet interview, I thought I loved Kate Beckinsale's Reem Acra gown, 

Then I saw this! I was originally going to complain that she's been doing mermaid gowns a lot lately, but that's now the last of my concerns. It looks as if she was too tall for her gown and an unused bed skirt came in handy last minute. 

I am not a Jennifer Hudson fan, but her performance made me cry. Her dress didn't lift my spirits much either. She looks like she's wearing a bib. Someone needs to tell Jenn here that she's big busted, and doesn't benefit from such coverings. Maybe she's still listening to André Leon Talley, who's had difficulties in the past with picking the best "covering" for Ms. Hudson

Other red carpet looks that stood out included former X-Factor winner and Simon Cowell protégé, 

Leona Lewis, whos right breast wanted out of her Randi Rham dress;

Paris Hilton, who clearly dressed to party, by wearing the same dress she wore at her 6th birthday;

And Estelle, who lived up to my Grammy red carpet expectations. Granted she looked like she was here visiting former neighbour Anne Heche (or Celestia), but I was grateful for it.

On another American Idol note thank god Tatiana didn't make it through, she could sing, yes, but goddam did that girl annoy me.

Feb 17, 2009

The Tribulations of Job Hunting

I have been on this job hunting grind since I returned from Vegas a couple of months ago, and wow is it unpleasant! Employment opportunities are so limited right now, especially for someone who is a relatively recent university graduate, trying to find the start of her career in a field she didn't study, nor has very much experience in. I continue to consider going back to school, perhaps college? And explore their graduate programs, marketing perhaps? PR? Human Resource Management? Or take the ultimate plunge and dive into something medical and biological. Or even follow my interests in publishing and try and get an internship- which translates to no-pay but possibly great experience? Quite obviously, that may be another issue for me- that I have somewhat broad interests, but am unable to pinpoint exactly what career path I should focus on. Then I began to wonder if all this frustration, confusion and hesitation is due to my real passion being acting, and that I don't feel as if I've ever given it my full attention, and never given myself a 100% chance at chasing my goal.

So due to this ongoing headache, I believe I need a change of scenery, and for a total of 48 hours was a considering a quick 2 week getaway to Las Vegas. Of course, last minute it appeared as if signs were saying I shouldn't go, and I missed my chance of getting a ride to the airport (or nearby), and a good flight at a good price. But now I keep thinking that I made the wrong decision, in staying here. Like I said, I need a change of scenery, and perhaps that will give me a new perspective on things; rejuvenate me, so this job hunt can stop feeling so daunting. Plus, the MAGIC clothing convention is this week in Vegas, which would have given me plenty to write about: the clothes and the industry parties. Not to mention the benefit of seeing my family and friends whom I greatly miss.

For now, I remain where I am, reviewing my french (which embarrassingly, is not as great as it once was nor should be for a fluent girl), browsing job banks, and trying to network in hopes a great opportunity shall arise. 

Feb 15, 2009

Getting Fit: Month 1 Complete!

Well I did it! I finished one month of Shape Magazine's "Drop 10lbs This Month" circuit workout found in February 2009 issue. I don't think I actually dropped 10lbs but my abs are tighter, flatter, and I'm feeling all together fitter, if only I had a scale I could find out for sure how many pounds I may have lost, but I do have a measuring tape, and my waist has shrunk an inch within this past month, which is encouraging. I've already started another week of this routine, since I only added a third set of the circuit during the 4th week, then I have to figure out what routine to follow next. Perhaps I'll continue this routine for 6 weeks, we'll see though; I still have some areas that could be improved, but I don't want my muscles to get used to the routine, nor do I want to get bored- a feeling I'm slowly approaching. 

The Training Calendar breakdown for the past month was recommended as follows: 
DAY 1  Do the moves
DAY 2  Perform one interval workout
DAY 3  Do the moves
DAY 4  Rest
DAY 5  Perform one interval workout
DAY 6  Do the moves
DAY 7  Perform one interval workout
DAY 8  Rest (repeat the routine from here)
Of course I made some additions and alterations. Since I am not presently a member at a gym, nor have access to any cardio equipment, I didn't follow any of the interval cardio plans, and instead followed dance fitness DVDs for 45 min; I also started my cardio days off with 20min of yoga to help stretch out my muscles from the previous day of strength, and included 10min of abs. Strength days were also accompanied by a 30min dance DVD, and I included 25-30min of yoga on off days. It would have cut out a lot of time if i were able to do the interval routines, since you can burn just as many (or more) calories doing intervals in a short period of time as you can doing steady state cardio for a longer period, but let's face it- dance DVDs are great! I need to pick up some more, and will definitely review when I do, and soon enough I'll share some of my favourites. But with all this fitness talk, I'm reminded that it's a strength day, and these muscles aren't going to work themselves!

Feb 12, 2009

WTF?!?! Aubrey O'Day's Playboy Cover

So I'm perusing Mr. Vegas' site, 2DopeBoyz.com, and I come across this:
So after breaking up with Danity Kane, Aubrey O’day decided to break up with her clothes as well and pose for Playboy. I only have the cover (and the shots with black bars over certain areas) so the cover is all I’ll post for now. But if you like I’ll post the spread when it lands on the the internets. Hit the jump…
Because I noticed in the "opening" pic (above) that she REALLY resembled Heidi "Plastic" Montag of The Hills fame, I couldn't help but "hit the jump," mostly so I can leave a comment stating my Heibrey O'Tag observation. Of course once I saw the cover, my already cranky-ass went on a little anti-Aubrey O'Day heyday.

Without going into a Mean Girl rampage, I will say that I've never understood this girl's appeal. She was cute when Danity Kane originally formed, but once she grabbed for the blonde extensions she started to resemble a basset hound; (For the record, I think basset hounds are adorable- and a resemblance to one could even be cute, but in her case, it isn't, again- at least not with the blonde hair). But my biggest issue with this picture is how incredibly fake she looks! Set aside the fact that I already mentioned her face resembling über-plastic, no longer unique looking, future surgery addict, Heidi Montag, which really doesn't sound like a good thing, does it? I'd like to state, that this girl is 5′4″! There is no way that her legs are that long, furthermore nor is she that thin (which for another record, is fine- but why fake it?).

Note the shorter legs, which is pretty common to find on an averaged-height/stubby girl, 

Notice the little belly bulge? Which is totally natural to find on a girl that eats.. and isn't Barbie (nor genetically blessed).

And why does her skin resemble my girl, Barbie’s? Seriously, Playboy graphics team: Why? The more I look at her, the more I realize they made EVERY part of her look like that of a Barbie doll. Don't believe me? Go ahead, grab your Malibu Barbie and compare; from her fake tits (that I'm sure has the same unyielding sensation as Barbie's chest); to the shape of her waist; along with her waist to hip ratio; the legs... all the way down to her feet! Even the point of her toe is similar. All Barbie.

I'm not sure why Playboy originally wanted this girl in their mag, considering she's not doing anything buzz-worthy, and that headband line is a joke (although I would never wear it, I do like the Sex & the City Movie, Carrie Bradshaw rip-off)! Nor do I understand why she was chosen for the cover, but there she is, so why did they have to airbrush her so much? They went to great, fake lengths to mold her into what Playboy "readers" would normally find appealing, which just makes me wonder: What's the point? She's obviously not really want you wanted, so why bother?

Book a Month: Dearly Devoted Dexter

I have a crush on a serial killer? Seriously!? But, honestly, how could I not? He's witty, charmingly sarcastic, and has an almost altruistic compassion about him- the way he looks out for his "loved" ones, children, and unknown-undeserving victims he feels compelled to avenge.

I finally finished my book choice for January's resolution quota, Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. After years of hearing a few acquaintances talk about the brilliance of this macabre character, I was intrigued, but never looking into picking up the book. Then I caught a few episodes of the series on TV and my curiosity piqued. In the spring last year, friends of mine started a "book club" and decided to start with a Dexter novel; unfortunately for them they unknowingly started with the second novel, but at that point convinced me that I would probably love the character. They were right. I started with the first novel in the series, Darkly Dreaming Dexter a few months ago, and even passed it on to my cousin, who's an avid (and quick) reader, and decided that Dearly Devoted Dexter would be a perfect choice for my book a month resolution.  

Some may consider Dexter's content too gory, especially for someone who hates horror, but hearing all these normally horrific details from Dexter's point of view makes them more acceptable and occasionally even comical. He's got a dry wit and charm in every situation, and a rather astute, unprejudiced narration of the society that surrounds him. Dearly Devoted Dexter, much like Darkly Dreaming Dexter, is one of those books you're excited to continue reading, but you also don't want to end. There's something about his mind that I find refreshing and want the window to his thoughts to remain open. 

One would think that Dexter in the Dark, the third installment of this series would be my February book choice, especially since I have it sitting in my room- But truthfully I want to save it, and I wanted to try a different genre. Unfortunately nothing has come to me and it's already February 12th and this is a short month!! I need suggestions fast.

Feb 9, 2009

WTF?!?! Chris Brown is a Batterer?

Celebrity gossip, although I can indulge in it, annoys me, and I try my best to avoid it- which is an extremely difficult task when you have a mother like mine who watches EVERY tabloid "news" show that comes on after 6pm nightly- but I can  not pretend that this situation hasn't piqued my interest. While watching E!'s Live from the Red Carpet at the Grammy's last night, Ryan Seacrest was interrupted a few times to be given updates regarding Chris Brown's alleged involvement in an assault case, an unidentified woman and Chris were arguing in a car, pulled over and the argument escalated. A witness contacted the police but by the time they arrived Chris had left, and the unidentified woman identified Chris Brown as her assailant. We were later told that both Chris Brown AND Rihanna had cancelled their performances and were no longer attending the Grammy's. I was disappointed about not getting to see what Rihanna would wear on the red carpet, and was quite surprised that there was even an alleged investigation of Chris Brown regarding a physical altercation with a female. It seems so out of character. 

I'm certain I'm not the only one that view(ed) Chris Brown as a good kid, someone that you would be proud to call your son, be comfortable dating your daughter, and encouraging your children holding him as a role model. Could we all be so wrong? Did he really beat Rihanna? Because at this point, with the little bit of information, that's what its sounding like. The really unfortunate thing for Chris and Rihanna, is that their in the public eye, so she's not gonna get the privacy to heal both physically and emotionally, and the situation is going to be so incredibly exploited its unlikely we'll ever have the truth. When you look at it objectively, for all we know, they could have got in an argument, and they threw purses and phones, whatever was nearby, and even though it was not his intent, Chris' phone hit Rihanna in the face leaving her with "visible injuries." All of this is possible, but Chris will no longer be able to defend himself- I mean how could one defend hitting a woman? Accident or not? I don't see how his PR reps will turn this favourably; the world will crucify him. Which perhaps he deserves? But we don't actually KNOW that yet- but it's unlikely the media will abide by the law of "Innocent until proven Guilty." 

Until I know that Chris Brown is actually at fault, I feel sorry for him. It's just who I am. I'm not saying I have no emotions for Rihanna, if she is indeed the victim (which nobody should actually know, unless she steps forward and says so- but of course the media will not leave her alone until they create their truth), then I will indeed want nothing but retribution for her against Chris' actions. But for now, I feel sorry for the talented little boy, that has experienced first hand the damage that domestic abuse can create.

Feb 7, 2009

January's Best Awards Fashion Finale

I'm sitting here watching the Live from the Red Carpet for the Grammy's on E! getting a chance to catch some of the outfits early. Taylor Swift is adorable, Miley Cyrus continues to dress like a 34 year old, Cyndi Lauper's hair looks a bit too crazy, Paula Abdul is as kooky as ever, and I continue to dislike Jordin Sparks- ever since she referred to people who are not celibate as sluts at the MTV Movie awards, her dress looks really interesting from the waist up, but its too long, especially for something in a paisley-esque pattern. I think I like Carrie Underwood's dress but I was on the phone so I couldn't focus much; Katy Perry's dress was delectably her, candy pink with a great deal of Marilyn Monroe's Gentleman Prefer Blondes inspiration; and my god Nikki Cox is orange! Anyway, let's finish January Awards gowns, starting with the queen of sorbets, 

Eva Longaria-Parker in a flowy, tangerine Jenny Packham gown. I'm almost a fan of this, although the detailing at the waist is a little too high, cutting Eva's torso too short. Also, this may just be me, but is her dress not highly similar to my fave-Barbie, Peaches & Cream- as can be seen as my profile picture? I think so! Keeping with the colours of the rainbow, 

It would be a crime if I didn't mention Viola Davis in this vibrant yellow, one-shoulder David Meister evening gown. I had no idea who she was (since I have yet to see Doubt), but when I saw her sitting next to Maryl Streep I was impressed with every aspect of her choice; the fit, the colour, the cut, how it complimented her skin, her collarbone and shoulders. Another colourful asymmetrical choice, 

House's Lisa Edelstein's Reem Acra gown should be in my closet. I could do without the shoulder scarf hanging in the back, but I love the shoulder jewels, and although that colour could possibly clash with my present red hair, I'll be Lisa Edelstein chocolate brown again one day.

Christian Slater's My Own Worst Enemy co-star, Saffron Burrows, is stunning. I love her face, which may be clouding my judgement of her dress, since I am bit iffy of the skirt, but I love the bustier.

My favourite part of Anne Hathaway's Azzaro dress were the detailing of the buttons in the back; the bead work at the neckline and waist are also intriguing, but I only want to show this one angle. I might also note that I had a white dress very similar that my mother had bought me randomly in the mid to late 90s, I believe it's still in my closet.

January's Best Awards Fashion Pt. 3

We're quickly approaching the Grammy's, a normally exciting day in Awards show fashions- people take risks, sometimes too many- so it's a good time to showcase all the dresses I didn't get around to posting in January. I left off Part Two with the remaining whites & nudes, and a couple crazies from the Golden Globes, which I still have a few more dresses to discuss, then we can finish off the SAG Awards. There's something I find very romantic and glamorous about a dramatic gown, unless of course the gown looks like this:

There's so many things I would change. Let's start with the colour- why black? Why? It's so drab for this cut. Speaking of drab... what's up with the hair? Not in the mood to do it today? I'd get that, say if you were going on a quick grocery run, and yet here you are, on a red carpet. Back to the dress, what's with the applique? The sad little train, or is that just organza excess? Amy! I heart you! Oscar de la Renta! I don't "heart" you, but I have found memories of my mom only wearing your perfume as I grew up; so why have you both done this to me? To this dress? A dress I'm 75% certain I'd like in another colour, like royal blue?

I LOVE this! I love it more and more each time I look at it. Anne Hathaway made an excellent decision choosing this Giorgio Armani Prive royal blue silk gazar gown. The skirt is excessive yet flowy, and the hand-pleated bustier adds intrigue and even a little edge. The colour looks great on her porcelain skin, and even she even evokes Audrey Hepburn with those doe eyes.  

My love affair of the dramatic continues with girlcrush Olivia Wilde in a Reem Acra (bridal) ballgown. Beyoncé wore the same dress in black a month prior, and in true B fashion, she overdid it (with excessive, forced cleavage); but Ms Wilde won me over with the lavender hue, her sleek hair and understated accessories.

Speaking of love affairs, the entire western world seems to be having one with Slumdog Millionaire; Frieda Pinto wore a strapless Christian Lacroix Haute Couture dress. Pushing aside Edina's voice repeating "Christian Lacroix? Christian Lacroix!" in my ear, I've found some irony that the woman repping India is of course wearing Haute Couture, and it's saffron..the colour, is a spice. Is that ironic or what? Maybe it's just me... anyway, the overall look isn't bad, and I applaud this newcomer for making such a risky choice, but i dislike [read: hate] the bunching/pinning at the hip, although I supposed it'd be very useful if you eat too much.

Evan Rachel Wood, didn't stray from her usual black uniform, but on this rare occasion, I'm happy that she didn't. This plunging V-neck, tiered Elie Saab, is gorgeous and looks great on her, the miserable expression, does not.

Often joyful Cameron Diaz also kept true to her nature, by choosing an unconventional pink taffeta Chanel Haute Couture gown, and of course by not brushing her hair. I like it from the waist up, possibly even from that odd thigh-pinning, the neckline is intricate and original; the base, however, is busy, unflattering, and it seems as if Cameron accidentally tucked her gown into her panties after a quick bathroom run.

I really disliked Christina Applegate's People's Choice Awards gown, but I decided to leave it be, considering her recent breast cancer battle. This canary Roberto Cavalli, however, I love, so I decided not to leave her out again.

Hayden Panettierre made the ill choice of wearing a deep purple, strapless Gianfranco Ferré gown. I was a bit iffy of this armour-esque style on Jennifer Morrison; but on a curve-lacking girl like Hayden, it just looks bad. Which is regrettable, because I think otherwise, I would have loved it.

Feb 5, 2009

Getting Fit: Day 25

I'm going into the 4th week of my strength routine, and I feel I'm now ready to add an additional, 3rd circuit set to my routine. I'm still having difficulty with some of the moves, and even felt a painful strain in my right buttock during the single-leg skater squats (OUCH!), but I completely all three sets within 42min. Normally on strength days I also include 30minutes of cardio-dance, but I was in no shape to do that today! I tried to do some cardio hula, but my muscles hurt far too much after the second 5 five minutes (the first 5 were used as a warm-up)! So I just marched in place and toe tapped, followed by stretching. I'm really looking towards tomorrow's morning yoga, I think I'm gonna need it!

January's Best Awards Fashion Pt. 2

During the Golden Globes, I noticed an oddly high number of white/champagne/nude gowns, and although I've already commented on it, and posted some of those gowns, I still have many that I took note of initially, but didn't make the first cut. These include Jane Krakowski, Demi Moore, Isla Fisher, Penelope Cruz, and these women:

Amanda Seyfried, who I know first as the ditzy-blond from Mean Girls, who's talent consisted of breast-assisted weather predictions, wore a Stella McCartney gown that Salma Hayek had worn only two months prior. Salma's Golden Globes choice was far more flattering for her,  

Her Bottega Veneta silk crepe gown showed off her waistline, hugged her curves and highlighted her breast features. I admit, I have my cheesy moments.

Beyonce went with her award show favourite, Elie Saab. The dress is gorgeous, but I'm quite tired of this body-clinging style on her. Everyone knows, you have curves. We get it. You're curvaceous. Bootylicious. Proud of it. I GET IT.  Let's put your second-skin dressing tendencies to good use, 

Please teach this stunning woman to stop wearing this! Seriously Angelina, how many times can you convince designers to create the gown equivalent of a nightshirt? It's an Atelier Versace gown! Isn't Versace supposed to be known for embracing femininity? I understand you just had twins and may have some ponch concerns, but frankly THIS is just boring. 

The last woman on the "white/nude" train, the always lovely Kate Beckinsale

in a J. Mendel strapless mermaid gown. The 66th Golden Globes were certainly filled with a multitude of gown choices, from the whites/nudes, the stunning, the dramatic, the boring, and the WTF?!?!'s, and even those that make you question you're own tastes and sway between all of the above.  Of those that stumbled under the WTF?!?! category, Renee Zellwegger may be the most guilty (if such a verdict exists).

WHAT THE FUCK?!?! Did Gwyneth Paltrow's attempted gothic Oscar dress teach us nothing of red carpet fashions?! How can anyone fuck up Carolina Herrera (the woman I often wished were my mother)? I just have so many questions...

SO MANY QUESTIONS! Why does a see-thru organza blouse need cut-out shoulders? Who believed this hairstyle was the best option to compliment the outfits style? Why did you let your grandma style your hair in the first place? There's a reason rollers haven't been used like that since 1935, they were dealing with the great depression, why are you trying to depress me Renee? Why? At least someone was having fun, maybe a little too much, 

Isn't Drew Barrymore a delight in this John Galliano for Dior gown? With its pale blue shade and detailing on the skirt making it look more like an 1870s petticoat rather than a dress you actually wear out in public.

And then there's that very exaggerated 50s hair & 80s makeup. She seems to have her eras confused. Or maybe I do, since all together it does have a retro 80s feel, the way the dress falls off her shoulders. But then you have to take into account how much fun she seemed to be having with it all. She seemed almost... high*. So maybe its a throwback to her earlier years on the scene? To the Little Girl Lost Drew?

*with glee of course
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