Jan 7, 2009

Too Much Pretty is Ugly

Driving along the 401 (aka the only road in Canada; ironically that link can not be accessed by Canadians), on our way from Toronto to Montreal for NYE, I kept encouraging my Las Vegan "mister" to take pictures of all the snow and pretty Canadian scenery as some form of white winter memento. Upon hearing my repetitive suggestion, our driver (hailing from St. Lucia, and holding a greater label than merely "our driver") looked back and asked if this was all the scenery was going to be for the six hour drive, snow banks, trees, frozen lakes and snowy nothingness. Of course it is, what else would it be? Welcome to Canada, we've got a lot of land, most of which is inhabitable-- but it's really pretty.

While looking out the Buick Le Sabre window (mesmerized by Canada's scenic glory, I'm sure) Mr. Las Vegas muttered, "too much pretty is ugly." Ahhh, spoken like a true american.

And that is how I finally came up with the title of the blog I've been encouraged to start for over a year.


  1. hey... i believe i know mr. las vegas. he's a internet dopeboy correct?

  2. Nice Photo Did You Take It By The Way I Set It As My Background

  3. Wouldn't it be great if I did?
    Unfortunately, we seemed to have taken ZERO pictures of the pretty landscape (a video or two however) :(


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