Jan 17, 2009

Spending the Evening Alone

Today was one of those days that would have been better if left avoided, one of those days that really emphasize the downfalls of a long distance relationship. Mr. Vegas flew back to, you guessed it, Vegas. And not only did I have to watch my man fly away from me for an indefinite amount of time, but he also took my child (or our dog, Bear) 3, 623km (or 2,251 miles) away from me! Such a sad, sad day [although he doesn't seem as distraught as I am]. Hopefully his second flight with WestJet (not Air Canada) was better than his [delayed] first. I've only had one experience with them, but I've been enthusiastically promoting them since.

So as I sit here watching Sex & the City, waiting for my man to text me that he and the Baby have landed, I continue to contemplate whether or not I should work out. Truth is, it's almost 1am, and I'm just not up to it; I'm tired, both from the late night we had for my cousin's bday (more on that later), and the stress of the day. I really wish I had managed to squeeze it in somehow, however. Today would have been day 3 of attempting my new strength routine, and tomorrow is supposed to be a cardio only day, plus I've put a little too much crap in my body these past two days. So I have two options, normally there would be but one- to workout, no matter how late- today, however is no normal day; so 1) do both cardio and strength tomorrow and still follow the 3 days on, 1 day off format- thus taking Monday off or 2) do strength tomorrow, cardio Monday and wait until Friday for my next off day.....? Hmmm.. I suppose I could always mash up the two options. Oh the mental chatter that occurs at 1 am when you're slowing coming to grips with the fact that you're sleeping alone tonight.

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