Jan 9, 2009

People's Choice Fashions Continues

I seem to be suffering from some sleeping disorder, which was at its worst last night- Both Mr. Vegas and I weren't able to fall asleep until almost 5am, then for some reason I woke up at 8:30,  only to come back to a bed that the baby (our yorkie Bear) had vomitted all over. *Sigh* Clean up the vomit, wake up Mr. V (since he had rolled in it and didnt notice), change the sheets, find more vomit while looking for new sheets, and finally back to sleep! Naturally I didn't wake up again until 2pm, I hate that. Which explains (somewhat) why I haven't attempted much of a PCA continuation until now. 

The following are not all bad, but they're not all great either; for the most part they generate a hearty "meh" feeling. Starting with Robin "I used to have a bald head"  Tunney.

Yes the dress is cute, very Guess Spring 2001 Wailea collection, the clutch is great with it- and here it comes.. But. Do I approve of this being worn, in January, to an awards show? Not at all- perhaps if Ms Tunney had her bald head back it would add a little extra drama.

I have no idea who this girl is, or why I came across a picture of her, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't have an opinion on her clothes.

The pic is labelled Taryn Southern [Thanks to Celebrity Latest Photos for most of the images in this post], pretty girl, but that name rings zero bells, so I`ll be sure to google her later on. As for her dress, it`s fine, I probably picked up the same one while browsing the racks at Forever 21. Who can resist a $24.99 party dress you`ll wear only once or twice?

Jessica Stroup chose a fabulous dress, by a fabulous label:

It's rare you can ever go wrong with a Max Azria creation, whether it be BCBG or Hervé Léger as Jessica chose above, unless of course your body resembles Miss Stroup's. Hervé Léger is meant to be worn to hug and embrace curves, not bones! She is far too thin for this; 20 extra pounds and she'd look phenomenal, shit even her weight in Prom Night would be an improvement, as it is, she's wasting a great dress.

Uncle Jessie's former flame, Laurie Laughlin made a poor choice herself, 

Let's ignore that her lower legs are significantly "darker" (read: orange) than the rest of her, and how she should really lay off the spray tan or invest in some lemon juice to scrub some of it off-I can not ignore that her dress was made from grandma's (or my case, my mother's) throw pillow. Which could be really complimentary with Carrie Underwood's Naeem Khan dress.

Keeping in the theme of the "Nouveau" 90210, from the original cast Jennie Garth,

I was originally going to say some snarky remark like "Note to Jennie: You're not Grace Kelly!" Until I saw the close up:

And while no, she is not Princess Gracie, she does look rather cute, and has done old school glamour rather well. So brava!

Katherine Heigl put as much effort into her look with a Dolce & Gabbana pant suit as I put....

...But I do love the shoes!

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