Jan 8, 2009

People's Choice Awards

Miserable from my first attempt at shoveling an icy sidewalk (shocking huh? Considering Ive lived all but 2 years of my life in Canada); it seems like a good time to take a crack at my second post. What better time to critique the fashion's of people I have yet to meet, n'est ce pas?

Starting with those that make me wonder why people even hire stylists in the first place, (is it really THAT hard to dress yourself? And you actually PAID someone to put you in this? Really? Really?), bring on Carrie Underwood!

I admit I often like what Ms. Underwood wears, but last night was not one of those times (well that's not entirely true, I liked one of her outfits, but that will come later), first up is her Naeem Khan floral gown:

I haven't the faintest idea why she would chose to wear a gown that resembles Nanna's couch. You know the one in the "living room" that no one is allowed to go in, unless of course it's Christmas, in which case you're not allowed to sit on it- So unless she was trying her best to fear people away from coming near her, this was not necessarily the best choice. It's also very reminiscent of Sarah Larson's (Clooney's ex, you know the Palm's Casino serving, fear factor contestant, who gained one or two modeling gigs from the romances publicity) 2008 Oscar gown, as pointed out by Fug Girl, Heather.

For her stage performance, of a song I don't remember, nor enjoyed, Underwood chose a lime green concoction, which reminds me of something Blanche Devereaux would have worn if she were ever invited to the Oscar's in the 70s.

Why a 20-something-year-old girl would chose to wear not one, but two outfits inspired by Nanna, is beyond me. Again I must admit that I very much enjoy the waistline of that green "vintage" piece- But why the need for the extra skirted bit? Your young, your legs are good, you have no varicose veins to hide, so please rip off that lower half and prance around in your youthful glory!

Moving on to another blonde raiding the closet of a woman significantly older, Kate Hudson's blue Gucci gown did little for me either:

Yes, it definitely looks like something Kate might wear, it also looks a little like a garment Goldie would put on- and that is rarely a good thing. Also, those shoes! The black ankle strap, the tapered platform, it's far too striperella for my approval. It's not all bad however, I'm loving the Brigitte Bardot inspired hairstyle, but it ends there.

Remember when every sized 2 actress on Ally McBeal suddenly suffered from size-00 envy and all started resembling lolly-pops with their regular sized heads, but teeny-tiny bodies, Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres (aka Portia de Rossi) included? Well that's who Jennifer Morrison reminds me of,

a shockingly tiny, Ally McBeal employed, Portia de Rossi. I heart her, I think she's lovely, but her size worries me, and I sort of fear her metamorphosis into looking like every other L.A. starlet or starlet-wannabe, with that faux-tan and extensioned, wavy, blonde locks. As for her dress,

While I love the gold detail and lower half of Morrison's Gianfranco Ferré dress, doesn't the bodice look like she's ready to go to battle..in the 13th Century, alongside Sir Lancelot?

One more up to bat, the winner of "You Are Not Jennifer Aniston, Stop Wearing All Black-It's Boring" Award, Reese Witherspoon.

It's not horrible, and I'm sure I have something similar that I'd throw on when I couldn't figure out what else to wear, or was in need of some of black's slimming nature, I would not wear this to an awards show. I've seen her wear colour, it looked good, this is just dull and uninspired.

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