Jan 25, 2009

Living the Dream: Reality TV

Feeling pretty uninspired lately, it's quite obvious I need something new in my life. A new job or career path is at the top of that list. I've had no idea what is that I want to do however, besides being an anesthesiologist (a salary that starts at over 200k sounds great to me! And you get to be a Doctor? Pretty great, right?); I want to act, above all I really want to be an actress, but unfortunately I've had it instilled in me since I was young that I needed to have a backup. So, naturally I went to university, got a degree, then discovered it does very little for you (besides cause you financial stress). I've always had interest in journalism- not real journalism of course, that barely exists these days anyway, my journalistic interest revolves around pop-culture, fashion, and fitness. There's also the dream of getting into music, an A&R rep, something? All I know is that I want in the entertainment business somehow. I have not figured out how, until now: reality tv!

Think about it, you get on a reality show, and all of sudden any of your dreams can come true, thanks to the amount of doors that magically open for you. Look at the the girls of The Hills, they're all considered "celebrities" of some sort, thus can actually get paid for club appearances, along with the other perks of being a person on display. Lauren Conrad, not only got an oppurtunity interning at Teen Vogue, followed by a gig at People's Revolution, but she has her own clothing line- that hasn't just been started in her parent's basement! Audrina recently got new surgery (and has made acting dream claims- we'll see what becomes of that); and Whitney not only gets an awesome position working for Diane Von Furstenburg, but she's also been blessed with her own show! These girls are seriously living the dream- my [new] dream! 

Besides merely envying the oppurtunities their guilty pleasure of a "show" has offered them, the money they make per episode is enough for me to sign away my anonymity. Lauren pulls in $75,000 per episode, while the ennuyant team of Heidi & Spencer receive $65k each, which I can not understand, their antics bore me.  Former party friend Audrina is rewarded $35k; even the "sideline" friends, Brody, Lo and Stephanie make $8-10k an episode!

So now all I need to do is figure out how I am going to get my own reality TV show- either that or move to L.A. and become friends with "LC." Where am I supposed to send in my resume for that gig? 

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  1. I'm pretty sure our family could have a reality TV show and be very successful! If you figure out a way, count me in!


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