Jan 31, 2009

Cocktail Curfew: KiWe, Cheval & Foundation Room (Toronto)

Nightclubbing were nightclubbing/ Were whats happening/ Nightclubbing were nightclubbing/ Were an ice machine/ We see people brand new people/ They're something to see/ When were nightclubbing/ Bright-white clubbing/ Oh isn't it wild? 
In reality this is a little overdue, since the occurrence of this night happened 2 weeks ago, but I've already stated I'm a procrastinator, so let's just leave it at that. Moving on. It was a friday night (January 16th) and my cousins birthday, she decided to start the evening off with a very late dinner at KiWe Kitchen. Due to the time, I decided to have an appetizer; the Spicy Shrimp with Whipped Sweet Yam and Pineapple Chutney, sounded delicious and for $14 I assumed it would be enough to keep me "energized" for a night of dancing. I was wrong. Our food arrived, and I was handed a plate with three, yes THREE, shrimp on a stream of a half-cup of whipped yam. Albeit they were jumbo shrimp, but I expected much more for the cost and was disappointed by the shrimps lack of flavour. Mr. Vegas, not realizing that this plate was the extent of my meal, grabbed one of my shrimp which didnt help. Fortunately he shared his Sterling Silver 10oz striploin with seasoned fries ($28) with me, which was quite tasty and well worth its cost.  The rest of table ordered a variety of appetizer which I nibbled a bit of; Artisan Cheeses preserves and nuts ($14), and a salad that I cannot find on the online menu presently, but I wish I had ordered it myself. I can't imagine I would ever return to KiWe, there was a highlight that I would recommend however, dessert; Crema Catalana ($9), 3 small tubs of crème brûlée, the praline and vanilla were my favourites.

From KiWe we ran across the street to Cheval Bar, in need to dance off that crème brûlée. We had to speak with a couple of bouncers, inquiring about our spot on the guestlist, which seemed excessive and pointless; and at the end of it all ended up paying the $10 regardless, which made the "guestlist" seem a wee bit redundant. The music was your typical dance lounge blend of mostly house and R&B, and the crowd was essentially what you'd expect such a place. Far too many people that act if the paparrazi will be around the corner to catch their next move, any second. Fortunately our group of  6 girls (ranging from 20-33yrs) and Mr Vegas were invited to join a table, where we imbibed a mix of Absolut Vodka with tonic water, water, cranberry juice, or orange (I'm either a vodka water with two limes, or vodka orange-cran, kind of girl). The free alcohol encouraged a few of the girls to sway their hips, but the mood was lukewarm; also there were a few oversized implants that stole their attention (clearly they haven't spent enough time in Vegas).

All was not lost, there was still more fun to be had; one of the girl's received an invite from a friend to join him at the Foundation Room. The seven of us piled into a cab and headed to east to Church and Front.  We were greeted by a blend of old school, new school and hip hop, thanks to Spence Diamonds, and a middle eastern (morrocan) decor. The architecture of the room and interior design was impressive. What a refreshing change! We found the table of the friend we were meeting and quickly told to help ourselves to the Grey Goose. Being a fan of the superior vodka, I had a drink, but just the one, noticing there were few of us sober, I realized I was definitely the driver of the evening, so I jumped back into my former bartender ways and kept the drinks mixing and flowing. The second bottle ordered at ten to two was probably a mistake, but who's gonna argue with the man footing the bill? 

Overall the night was good, started slow, but the company was great, and we ended it on a high note (ignoring the few drunken arguements from the usual suspects).  I'm looking forward to another night at Foundation Room Toronto, maybe we'll end up there again after Maro this coming Friday.

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