Jan 15, 2009

Going to the Movies: Bride Wars

Having only 3 days left with Mr. Vegas before he flies back to, well Vegas, we decided to get out of the house and go see a movie. I was given the rare chance to see a girlie-flick, normally Mr. V would never approve or attend a film that wasn't on his existing "to see" list, so although even I was hesitant to see this in theatres, I took adventage of this rare opportunity. Bride Wars it is (Gran Torino, with Clint Eastwood was also at the top of the list).

I figured that I'd probably enjoy it, even though I had that sense of hesitation looming over the final decision; I enjoy Kate Hudson, and was a fan of the Devil Wears Prada, so it can't be that bad... right...Right?


Mr. V and I walked out of the theatre feeling like we had just watched an extended trailer. There was nothing new to the story line that the trailer hadn't already covered; no covet-worthy ensembles or fashion montage a la DWP; the characters weren't very interesting, and the giggle-inspiring moments were few. I expected more from you Kate and Anne!

Sure I was suddenly feeling the urge to plan a wedding, and even perused "Bridal To-Do Checklists" in the bookstore we visited afterwards, and Kate Hudson's body highlighted how much I need to focus on my fitness and health goals, she also sparked a yearning for my formerly blonde hair, but overall I was left feeling robbed of great fashion moment possibilities and disappointed with the story in general (and the damn weddings!)

In short, it was a waste of feeling bloated and guilty from fatty, movie theatre popcorn indulgence. Here's hoping that my next two girlie movie viewing desires will be better, or at least I avoid the popcorn.


  1. Usually movies that have been reviewed well by only 12% of critics* aren't too good.

    * http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/bride_wars/

  2. I normally don't read what the critics have to say- there's been far too many times I've disagreed with their (paid) opinions.

    Of course clearly the 12% who have anything positive to say about this film are on the payroll!


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