Jan 18, 2009

Getting Fit: Day 7

I've spent a good portion of this day doing an excessive amount of procrastinating. I'm a wee bit depressed (due to the absence of my loved ones), plus it being the international "do nothing" day (Sunday) hasn't really added much to my cause. So instead of starting the day off right with a energizing workout, I slept till 2, watched the mockingly-fake romance flick The Wedding Date, the same episodes of Sex & the City that I watched last night on CosmoTV, and Sicko- which has inspired a desire to move to France! Watch and you'll understand.

I finally got up off my ass at 7:50pm to get my workout on and finish my first week of this new exercise routine. I decided to do both the strength routine I skipped out on yesterday and a full aerobics routine. I'm still only capable of squeezing out 2 sets of the circuit, which took 33 min today, hopefully by the end of this week I can complete 3 full circuit sets. Normally when I do the strength circuit I only aim for 20-30min of cardio, which I believe I will eliminate once I'm able to do 3 -4 sets of the circuit, but since today was initially intended for cardio, I did a full 45 min of a cardio dance dvd. I feel pretty good, although my left hamstring is really sore- I think I may have pulled something back there!

Tomorrow should be reserved as an off day, but I'm going to do yoga in the a.m.- hoping it will help with my left hamstring, cardio and abs. If all goes well maybe I'll be 5lbs lighter by Valentine's Day.

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