Jan 30, 2009

Getting Fit: Day 19

Somehow I've been far too busy (or negligent?) this week to get out more than one post? I'm relatively disappointed with myself, especially since I have additional SAG dresses to highlight, even some Golden Globe gowns I have yet to comment on, that I thought were worthy of discussion! So to alleviate my negligent guilt, I plan on making up for that with some extra posts today and/or this weekend- I have a resume I've been working on that's been taking up all my thought and typing energy. Speaking of typing, I just discovered I type 60 wpm, thanks to typingtest.com. Which will most definitely get included somewhere on that resume, thanks internets for increasing that speed! Speaking of increased speed and progression:

Week 3 of my new strength routine is going well, Im noticing my belly's flattening out a bit (my problem area), the rest of my body is tightening rather nicely, especially my quads. Also, my endurance or fitness level has increased, I was having trouble completing "plyo plank" sets until two days ago when I actually completed all 12 of the suggested reps. So with this progress I believe I should be able to add an additional circuit set to the two I had been doing up to this point. 

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