Jan 22, 2009

Getting Fit: Day 11

I've been feeling really stressed out lately, and surprisingly not because of a surgery a loved one went through on Tue- the reason I was absent yesterday. I really do deal with stress horribly, and I'm not quite sure what actions I can take to deal with it, besides the occassional yoga that I already do, along with a regular exercise regime-- Both help, but only temporarily. 

Moving on, today was strength day, which I completed the first circuit within 12min! Which means soon I'll be able to finish 3 sets within approximately 30min- perhaps then I'll cut out the extra cardio I do on strength days, so that I can narrow down my focus. I've also experienced progress with one of the moves; the routine calls for 12 reps of Plyo Planks, and up until today I was only capable of completing 6 reps, but I've added 3 more. Thankfully I felt much more energized and upbeat once I finished-- but like I said, that only lasted temporarily. I should probably try to get my workout on earlier in the day, and maybe I'd feel the benefits longer.

Tomorrow is an off day, which I'm happy about- I've been feeling a wee bit wiped, but again that probably goes back to my heightened stress level. I think I should perhaps start recording my measurements and go find a scale so I can track my progress beyond the fitness improvement I've been writing about thus far.

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