May 8, 2018

Childish Gambino - This is America (video & commentary)

Saturday night Award Winning Actor, Comedian, Writer, Producer and Director Donald Glover hosted Saturday Night Live. Naturally Mr Glover is also a musician and goes by the moniker Childish Gambino, and was also the musical guest on SNL.
During his busy Saturday Night, Childish Gambino found the time to release a video for one of the new singles he performed on the comedy skit program, "This Is America." And holy shit did he deliver!!!

The Hiro Murai-directed video unfolds before us in layers. The first thing most of us notice is Childish himself and his juxtaposition of aggressive and jovial dance moves and expressions. It's not long before you'll recognize the Jim Crow/Minstrel-esque influence behind his moves. And that's just the start of it. Keep watching, and you'll notice that guns are being treated better than the human lives they've snatched, an accurate portrayal of gun control in the USA; that there is a riot going on behind the artist, but we're more focused on the dance moves- a nod to popular media and how they deflect from the real issues facing its viewers, and how the media often changes the narrative surrounding Black America.

One of the most poignant scenes of the video, is when Gambino holds up his empty hand emulating holding a gun, and everyone runs and ducks... because there is nothing more frightening in America than an unarmed black man.

I've already watched 50+ times and something new is unveiled every time: I am certain it is no coincidence that Childish Gambino's pants remind me of the "cotton-picking" uniform of America's slavery-era; or the white horse galloping in the background, ridden by a masked man, symbolizing the coming Apocalypse perhaps?

Needless to say the video is poignant and art at its highest form, with multiple interpretations and nuances to uncover from every angle.

Mar 11, 2016

Oscar Red Carpet Fashion Favourites

The Oscar's have passed, but the Red Carpet Fashion is still on my mind! There were some serious favourites that can not be ignored;

No Fashion Favourite can be complete without mentioning Cate Blanchett's seafoam green Armani Privé gown. As per usual she looked ethereal and elegant; very few people can pull off feathered-floral appliqués or that shade, but of course Ms. Blanchett does it effortlessly!

Speaking of effortless, Olivia Munn looked absolutely stunning and cool in her one-shoulder tangerine Stella McCartney dress. I love her matching lip and the simplicity of her hair. I want this, I could wear this... granted it wouldn't look as good on me, but a girl can dream. 

Another effortless beauty Naomi Watts sparkled in this iridescent strapless, indigo Armani dress, that her husband Liev Shrieber picked out for her to wear. I love when a man knows what looks great on his better half, especially when it's him we are often dressing for. 

Brooklyn's Saoirse Ronan paid homage to her homeland once again, in a black and green iridescent Calvin Klein. (The Irish-American actress wore a green Alberta Ferretti gown to the 2008 Oscar's and her nomination for Atonement).

Charlize Theron kept it simple in a Dior gown, (what a surprise!), but upped the drama with the tomato red shade, plunging neckline and train. It was not my favourite of all the gowns, but I can't deny that she wears it well. 

I must admit I was surprised at how good Tina Fey looked in her violet Versace gown. It is ridiculously flattering on her, and she looks confident and regal. She has come a long way, style wise since we first saw the comedian on the red carpet. 

Mar 2, 2016

Oscar's After-Party Fashion - Whiteout

I wanted to continue the theme of wearing white to Oscar's, but keep party fashion celebrate from the actual event, and although some of these are great, let's start with the biggest risk faced when wearing white;

Best displayed by Serena Williams in Galia Lahav Vegas Bridal Collection. The thing is, although I was trying to make a joke about this being a bridal gown, Galia Lahav is best known for their Bridal collections, so I'm not sure how Serena thought she would escape looking like a bride who just escaped her Vegas nuptials!

A better white after-party choice was Kate Beckinsale's Romana Keveza column gown, while it's not a spectacular gown, it looks great on her and she looks lovely, and not like she just escaped the aisle. 

Now this speaks to me! Jessica Alba looks cool and comfortable and classy in this flowy 70s-inspired Roberto Cavalli, 3C's that are perfect for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Mar 1, 2016

2016 Academy Awards - The Whiteout

And with one last Awards show, and the only one I've actually caught live, Awards Season is over! But before we slip our jeggings and yoga pants back on, let's revel in all those who got dressed up to prance down the Red Carpet for our viewing pleasure!

Ironically enough, #Blackout, some of the most notable fashion to grace the Red Carpet were dressed in white, which I will be the first to admit is a risky shade to wear, but let's start with those who did it right!

I absolutely loved the delicate and vintage feel of Mara Rooney's Givenchy lace, cutout gown. Everything about it was perfect, especially on the dark haired, fair-skinned actress. The hair and makeup feels a little Robert Palmer - Addicted to Love, but it works.

Another gown that did white lace right and avoided looking completely bridal Priyanka Chopra's Zuhair Murad gown. Of course would I consider wearing this down the aisle? Of course! But that doesn't take away from how amazing the gown is and how beautiful Priyanaka looks in it.

The most shocking of the night for me, was Lady Gaga in a caped Brandon Maxwell pant and bustier ensemble, simply because I loved it and she was not covered in bubbles or meat products! Gasp! When I first saw her I thought it was a gown and was a fan, but I once I realized it was a pantsuit, I appreciated it even more. For a pianist who was performing later that evening, the design made sense, and she looked very old school glamour with a modern twist. My only complaint is the position of bustier, but I can appreciate the desire to avoid photos of you constantly pulling up your top. 

While we're on the topic of pants, let's stand back and appreciate Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. better known as Common in his crisp white Dolce & Gabbana tux. Amongst the sea of typical black tuxedos, it's always welcome to see some variation, plus you can never go wrong with a black man in a white suit, at least in my eyes! (To keep it positive, I am going to avoid the fact that his pants look about an inch too short!)

When it comes to Kerry Washington's Versace gown, much like the gown itself, I am of two minds. I like the leather bodice, and I like the pairing of the black leather with flowing white skirt, the slit is a perfect height, the leather creates a perfect waist, and yet I don't love it. I'm unsure of the purpose of the leather running through the skirt, or what's happening with those straps! Plus the neckline, is it crooked or is it just the way she's standing? Either way, I dislike it. Let's just say, this was so close, but not quite there.

Olivia Wilde. I love her. It's very rare that I find myself criticizing her or her fashion choices, and yet I find myself feeling very conflicted about my dislike of this dress. In short, I hate it. I want to like, her boobs look great! But her hair, makeup, choker, the dress, I dislike all of it. It looks like Valentino started this dress, finished the skirt, but did not have enough time to finish the top, so just handed her the remaining pleated fabric, hung it around her neck and tucked the ends into the waist.

Feb 29, 2016

Ms Mommarazzi Monday: Oscars Edition

The Oscar's! Regardless of the Blacklist, they happened, and although I sympathize with the cause, I still watched them, and after seeing Chrissy Teigen's glorious bump (among other fabulous dressed women), I am happy I did! 

The truth is, I have missed most live TV and Red Carpet events for the past two years, hence the lack of coverage! It's hard to be passionate about something you have zero experience with! But besides having bottles and sippy cups thrown at me by an-almost-toddler, I finally get to rejoin the world of red carpet fashion appreciate and confusion!

In the meantime while I continue to collect some of Oscar nights best dressed from Getty Images, check out more of Chrissy's beautiful Marchesa gown over at Ms. Mommarazzi, my "mommy blog!"

Jan 11, 2016

Goodbye David Bowie, to The Man who Sold the World

Listening to David Bowie sing, "Look up here, I'm in Heaven."  while watching the visuals for "Lazarus," released January 7th, the day before his 69th birthday is eerie to say the least; as only 3 days after the video was available to the public, David Bowie loses his 18-month long battle with cancer. This is a measure of Bowie's artistic genius, as the video shows him in a hospital bed, singing "Just like the bluebird, I'll be free."  He even made art of his own death, and free he is.

Edit: After writing this, it has been confirmed by the video's director that "Lazarus," and Blackstar are indeed David Bowie's "parting gift" to his fans; he was an a true artist, and wanted to have things said, his way, until the very end. Incredible. 

I can not say enough about the influential singer-songwriter and producer genius. In his eclectic 40-plus-years and 25 album career, he introduced the world to so many sounds, looks, personas, and ideas, encouraging future artists and his followers to be different, and not to fear being themselves, or whoever they wanted to be. Bowie gave us a taste of glam rock, androgyny, punk, soul, electronica and fantasy and he never held back, and for that and so much more, I thank him.

He won my heart as a little girl in Labyrinth as Jareth the Goblin King, and kept it throughout my teen years to my adulthood, where just two years ago I was lucky enough to attend a Bowie exhibit at the AGO in Toronto and was blown-away. I feel lucky to have lived during a time where David Bowie existed, and am grateful I discovered him at such an early age. Rest in Peace, David Jones, your legacy will live on.

David Bowie [Jones] and son Duncan Jones

Apr 13, 2015

Where Have You Been?!

I have been a little MIA. To say the least. At first I was lacking inspiration and motivation, the truth is, I was working at a day job that was sucking the life out of me, clearly I should have left and had every intention to, but I got comfortable, a regular pay cheque will do that to you! Then lo and behold I was laid off, blessing in disguise, because quite frankly I may have still been at that same job, stressing myself out daily and gaining an extra pound a week thanks to the extra cortisol (stress hormone). 

Well this was perfect! I could now devote all my time to TMP! What great news! Only.... I didn't. Blame what you want, motivation, laziness, inspiration, depression, poor time-maintenance, poor priorities, the fact is, the updates were NIL. And then the unexpected happened... I procreated!
I now have a beautiful 6.5 month old baby boy, and I feel inspired, a little exhausted constantly, but inspired none-the-less!

Now I don't want to fall into the "mom-blogger" category simply because I am a new mom (although a mom-specific blog is coming!), TMP will continue to be exactly what it's always been: a platform to share some of my thoughts, and favourite topics, music, fitness, fashion, pop culture.... and inevitably some babycentricities. How could I really avoid a topic that consumes 99% of my day?!?

Lastly, to those still reading:

Thanks for sticking around!


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